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And of course by “The Flash” I mean the TV show not the character. Now bear with me here for a moment as I try to explain my thoughts on this.

DC/WB has made it quite clear on several occasions they wish to keep their movie and television universes separate. So much so that it has been very clear to the public they do not wish to have any character they are planning on using on the big screen utilized on the small screen. To the point where they might kill off small screen version of characters to assure they are kept separate. A lot of strong evidence for this comes from Arrow.

Ok, so as some of you may or may not know on Arrow they killed of Amanda Walker, thus ending anymore use of the Suicide Squad on Arrow. Some people believe this was done in preparation for the Suicide Squad movie being released later this year. When they first introduced the idea of the Suicide Squad on Arrow they even had a sort of cameo from Harley Quinn. We sort of see the back of her and the voice is done by the one and only Tara Strong.

The writers on Arrow had big plans for the Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn for use in the show. But WB/DC nixed that because they began plans on a Suicide Squad Movie. In my opinion that is why some of the writing began to suffer on Arrow, because they had their plans ripped out of their hands and they had to scramble for more ideas. But I digress. My point is simply that WB is willing to allow the TV shows to suffer in order to better serve the movies. Even at the expense of the shows quality.

So now enter Barry Allen/The Flash. In my opinion it’s the best superhero TV show on the air right now. It feels like the only show to truly capture a comic book on the small screen. But there is an issue, The Flash is to be included in the Justice League. And not only Flash, but Barry Allen/Flash. Not Wally West, Jay Garrick, or Bart Allen, but Barry. And given the evidence put through on Arrow this could mean trouble for Grant Gustin, the actor portraying Barry on the small screen. I still think WB made a mistake by not casting him in the films.

By now everyone knows Ezra Miller will be portraying The Flash on the big screen. And again with WB/DC's history it seems inevitable they kill Barry off on the small screen. But does it make sense to take down a title actor from a show for the sake of "not confusing the fans"?

As I’ve been watching this season the one thing that struck me as a surprise was the introduction of Wally West already into the show. Of course at this point he has no powers, but fans of the comics can tell you he is the man that takes Barry Allen’s place as the Flash. So why introduce this character in the second season of your TV show?

Yes in the comics Wally first becomes Kid Flash and then after Barry dies/disappears in Crisis on Infinite Earths Wally takes up the mantle of The Flash. And in the show we know that sometime in the future Barry will disappear during a ‘crisis’. But according to the future paper it will happen in 2024, 8 years from now.

So I am purely speculating here, but I think the long game plan for Flash was to End the show with their version of Crisis on Infinite Earths. They obviously are using the many Earths idea like from the comics. Heavily utilizing it this season. And they can also have Wally put the costume on to end the series. But do they need to bring Wally into the show now?

I feel that maybe with rumors of Barry being Batman V Superman and The Flash movie due out in 2018 that they might be pushing up the time tables on Wally taking over as Flash. I for one really hope that I am wrong here, but only time will tell. I believe Grant Gustin was born to play the Flash and I hope he gets to do it for a long time to come.

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