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From Chucky to Annabelle, dolls continue to be an object of fear. The thought of a restless soul peering at you through blank, glass eyes, is enough to haunt the most cynical mind. There is a reason dolls are commonly used in horror movies, as props, a child's toy, or as the focal character. They are seriously disturbing.

The Boy
The Boy

The Boy may seem like a story that has already been told, but I assure you, it is very different from previous movies containing malevolent dolls, and the change is incredibly refreshing. Unlike his predecessors, Brahms grows very attached to his caretakers, and is not willing to let them leave him.

When Greta, a new nannie arrives to relieve Brahms' parents of their obligations for a period, she is shocked to discover that the boy she was hired to care for is actually a life-size doll. Created to minimize the pain the parents endured after their son was tragically killed in a fire at the age of eight, the doll is treated as though he is very much alive. Prior to leaving, Greta is given a list of rules she must follow to keep Brahms happy, and to ensure he treats her well in return. When Greta disregards Brahms and his list, she must suffer the consequences.

Brahms -The Boy
Brahms -The Boy

The Boy delivered a captivating story that had twists and turns around every corner. Nothing could have prepared me for the horror I discovered as the story unraveled. The setting was perfect, and aided in the unnerving atmosphere the story produced. The slow build up created anticipation of the next terrifying revelation instead of flooding the movie with quick jumps and cheap scares commonly found in horror movies.

I left the theatre aching for another movie of its caliber, one capable of keeping me enthralled all the way through!

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