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I doubt this, but there may be some spoilers ahead.

Episodes 1-3 illustrate the rise and transformation of Anakin Skywalker. It has characters and landscapes we enjoy. We move to episodes 4-6. These films display the attitudes, the style, the way, the mood, and even the life we expect all Star Wars lore to epitomize. George Lucas is no longer the chief of this series, and while life in the universe is the same, the attitude, and purpose is different. Episode 7 is solid. Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo are all taking this universe to another place. It reminds me of the feeling after a World War.

There’s scavenging a conflict-filled past. In the film, a main character escapes programming based on his encounter with a horrible scene while on the planet Jakku. He is part of a dark group that takes from the past and is constructing a different future. I think it is key and very important that a character breaks away from his programming. Rey has purpose as a scavenger, but soon learns there is more to her life after discovering a speedy, little droid. There is an important purpose behind Kylo Ren’s existence, coming from the light and delving into a dark past. If you ever see a film called, The Man of Thai Chi, starring Tiger Hu Chen, a balance must form between the light of Thai Chi and its dark path.

I do not know if Star Wars adopts these principles, but the first saga had the light fall to dark. The initial series had the dark fall to the light. In the end, if it follows, no one side can win. I believe episodes 7-9, will illustrate a very hard reality. At the end of Episode 7, certain actions occur. These actions help to direct Rey, Finn, and Kylo to the paths they belong. Episode 8 will be a different kind of film. I can only hope for a certain outcome. I do believe Kylo Ren and Rey will train. They will choose certain aspects that will make them more wholly light, or dark. However, the question will be can they do this? How people define what is light and dark will change. What would be cool is if Finn’s character were to play out a scheme created by Supreme Leader Snoke, and maybe another dark character.

The idea from the past is either one side will win, or the other. For example, I think Finn, as part of his programming, could be the character sent to kill Luke Skywalker, at a time he is exposed. In the same way, I think Kylo and Rey’s influence could see an end to the first order. At the end of this coming film, Luke Skywalker, Supreme Leader Snoke, and any past notions could die in the film. If these newer characters can define, in Episode 9, how the universe will exist, what the future of light, and dark can be, it can only allow the Star Wars Universe to continue differently and grow off screen.

Certain characters have to die in order for future actions to take place. Action and non-action in certain areas can, and have, helped move life forward in this universe. I do not know the character Benicio Del Toro is going to play but it is clear he will be a memorable one. Certain character’s actions have to take place in order to continue a balance. Rey, Luke, Kylo, and others may have to continue on certain paths in order for life to continue. A reality may exist where Rey must die in this series.

Planets must crumble as life dictates it. As long as a balance exists, certain actions must too, good or bad. In that sense, these last two trilogy films can make Star Wars the most unexpected series to ever grace the silver screen.


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