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By Stephen Martin @theclurb

Jessica Alba returns to the horror genre for the first time since 2008’s The Eye, and stars along side mister “The Punisher” himself, Thomas Jane, in a film that was directed by a guy who also directed Chris Tucker Live, and three U2 documentaries. That sounds promising enough, right?

The Veil is every bit as bad as all the really terrible low budget horror movies that show up on Netflix. Bad writing, bad directing, bad visuals and camera work, full of clichés, deep plot holes, etc. On top of that, it was not entertaining, and had very few moments that could be considered thrilling. Jessica Alba is as beautiful in this as she has ever been, and does a decent job acting, but it’s hard to tell because the writing is so bad. The most distracting part of the movie was from me constantly speculating what someone must have done for Jessica Alba in order for her to pay them back by being in this movie.

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