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Satoru is back to his older self!

The first half of the episode we continue where we left off from last week as Hinazuki has still disappeared. This time it is heavily implied that it was the mother, but the police never seem to find solid evidence to make an arrest. It turns out that soon after another girl from another school disappears as well and the teachers give a similar excuse to her disappearance.

About a week or so later Satoru decides to take a trip to Hinazuki's house only to see the mother in the process of throwing out the gloves that he gave to Kayo the night before she disappeared. This freaks him out! So he runs and as a result of the intense moment he transports himself back to 18 years later where he is in the exact same situation he was in from the very first episode.

In this timeline though, minor changes have happen but mostly from the actions he took when he went back the first time. He becomes a wanted fugitive and tries to find a place to stay, he tries his managers house first but is given away almost immediately. While escaping he runs into Airi who helps him and tries to give him time so he can prove he is innocent. She tells him a story about how she will her father had someone who believed him when he was in a similar situation and that is why she is helping Satoru now.

Her actions do have consequences because at the end of the episode, the killer once again frames Satoru but starting a fire in Airi's house and the explosions knock her unconscious!

It is interesting how not much but little hints throughout moved the mystery along. We see in past that Hinazuki's mother most likely killed her with the boyfriend freaking out about being caught. But in the future we see that there is a guy in a suit who knows Satoru's manager and is easily involved some how. The question is are these two events related?

My guess would be that this person it trying to purposely mess with Satoru's life because he knows about his powers. Could it be his teacher from elementary? it could be! He helps make excuses and seemed to know enough about Hinazuki's mother and would be the person to keep up with Satoru to follow his mother. There is also a possibility that this is an organization behind the disappearances and cover ups that we just don't know about.

So many questions with just little hints. But it is making this show more and more interesting.


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