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I know more than I should....
Brandon Munter

Sarah Wayne Callies may be the nicest woman on the earth, I do not know her. However, she has a penchant for playing some of the worst wives in TV history. First you have one of the all time most annoying characters ever, Lori Grimes.

Where do I even start? The caption in the picture above pretty much sums it up. In fairness the character in the comics isn't any better, maybe even more annoying. She leaves her husband to die, assumes he is dead, starts sleeping with his best friend, then whoops... her husband is still alive. She then proceeds to punish the poor man for the rest of her own living days for him having not died.

I am not alone in this opinion, I'm betting you are not disagreeing with me, seems a lot of people agree....

So moving on to her next big TV series, I guess she just wanted to be lazy and play the same, equally annoying character on The Colony. This time going by the name Katie Bowman.

The show is good, built on an interesting premise. Aliens take over, wall off "blocks," hire collaborators to rule and enforce their law, while they harvest the population. So, Katie's poor husband, Will, played by Josh Holloway gets forced by the collaborators to hunt down the resistance.... but guess what? Katie is part of the resistance and hasn't bothered to ever mention this to him! Now he can't figure out how the resistance keeps getting tipped off, though he figures that there is a leak, but doesn't know it is his own wife! Even before he is forced into service she is clearly a bitch to him as she blames him for their son being trapped in one of the other blocks. It is basically Lori Grimes 2.0.


What do you think? Worst wife ever?


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