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Behind the Fright

By Stephen Martin @theclurb

I'm always really skeptical about found footage/handheld camera horror films, because they are so played out now, and contain similar movie sins in all of them. Generally speaking, they have a painfully low budget, lack decent cinematography, have all the same cliches (there is ALWAYS someone that says something along the lines of "get that camera out of my face" at one point in the movie) and are full of continuity errors. Also, there are often shots that none of their cameras would have or could have gotten, but they put the shots in there anyway because most people don't notice. This movie is not different. It's full of all the things that make found footage horror films sub-par, but this one at least has a story that is engrossing enough to occupy your attention and interest throughout the film. Certainly not groundbreaking, but I had no regrets after renting it. It's a pretty creepy movie.

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