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There will be massive Season 5 spoilers throughout this article, and I will not be using spoiler censors, so readers be warned.

For those of you like me who are totally up to date with Game of Thrones, you know that April is quickly approaching. Personally, I was really hoping that George R. R. Martin would release the sixth novel of the series, Winds of Winter, before HBO had a chance to catch up, but Martin admitted to not being finished with the book quite yet.

As a fan of both the Song of Ice and Fire novels and the Game of Thrones TV show, I'm practically counting down the days until we see our favorite characters on the small screen again. I'm so excited that the thought of what could happen next has kept me up at night, so here are just a few of the things I'm excited to see them continue with in Season 6. Maybe keep an eye out for a part two in the near future.

The Impending War With Dorne

After Joffrey's death in the fourth season, we know that Cersei's wrath is to be feared, especially when it comes to her children. Jaime and Cersei's daughter, Myrcella, is murdered by Ellaria Sand in the end of the fifth season, as an act of revenge for the death of her lover, Oberyn, for which she blames the Lannisters.

Though Jaime doesn't see her do it, there aren't many suspects to narrow it down to, especially after Ellaria sent Myrcella's necklace to her mother as some kind of veiled threat in the beginning of the season.

With her terrible deeds ranging from organizing King Robert's murder and Tyrion's imprisonment to the persecution of the Tyrell children, there are no lengths that Cersei will not go to for the "well-being" of her family, even if that means a war with one of their greatest supporters over the act of a woman scorned.

Daenerys's Dangerous Predicament

The end of the finale saw Dany being surrounded by a Dothraki khalasar, the same type of warriors she was married into in the beginning. When the Dothraki warriors find a woman, they will proceed to take turns beating and raping her over and over again as a sign of their conquest. Usually, after they're done, they will either kill or enslave the woman to be used however they see fit.

Now, the novel implies that this could be a group of the Dothraki that abandoned Daenerys after her trust in dark magic led to the maiming of her husband, their Khal, Drogo. This possibility only makes her situation worse. The only thing that can save her at this point is the fact that the most dangerous of her dragons, Drogon, is somewhere close by.

The Return of Bran Stark

We haven't seen Bran, or his companions, since their daring race to the Three-Eyed Raven at the end of Season 4. The three-eyed raven shows him his true form as an old man who, like Bran, can project his spirit into living things. Now, that's where the show ends with Bran's story, but it continues in the novel.

Bran learns from the Raven. He learns how to project his spirit further than ever, far past possessing his dire wolf, Summer, or Hodor. He can see events in the past and in the future through the eyes of the weirwood trees, the North's representation of their Old Gods. Bran was always told in his visions that he was destined to fly.

The End of Humanity

Jon tried to warn them. He tried to save everyone, but the Night's Watch just couldn't work with their enemies long enough to hold off the coming storm. In the novel, Jon didn't see the army of the undead with his own eyes before he was betrayed by the Watch, but the show's approach was far more epic.

The army of Wights is slowly approaching from beyond the Wall. Their eyes glow blue, and their minds think only of slaughtering those that have what they do not: life. Season 5 showed you the true depth of the dangers beyond the Wall, but Season 6 will surely show the undead closer to home than ever before. The one man who knew the truth and tried to take a stand lies bleeding in the snow, betrayed by his own men... but is he truly gone?

The novels depicted three of the Stark children as what they call "wargs." Although Bran is obviously the strongest of the pack, Jon Snow and Arya both have the abilities to connect to their dire wolves as well. Could Jon Snow return in the form of Ghost?

For those of you who are up to date with either the novels, the show, or both:

What are you most excited for, not only in Season 6, but in the series itself? 'Game of Thrones' returns on April 26 this year, but who will win... and who will die?

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