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"[Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021)" is the third game in the "Battlefront" series of "Star Wars" video games and rather than serving as a direct sequel, it's basically a reboot. That's right, we don't just reboot movies, we can do it with video games now. It's a third-person shooter in which you can either play as the Rebel Alliance or the Empire and engage in combat on classic "Star Wars" planets in various different game modes with much emphasis being put on the online multiplayer gameplay.

The thing about this game is that it's been under a lot of scrutiny lately for its decision to release the game not just as a regular sixty dollar video game, but also release a deluxe edition in which the only way to get the most of the content is to order the game and a fifty dollar season pass, essentially making for a one hundred and ten dollar video game. Yes, that's bullshit and I can't even fathom how EA can get away with doing that, but first I actually want to talk about the game itself and how it holds up to the hype surrounding it.

First off, this game looks beautiful. We all know what next gen consoles are capable of in terms of creating good looking games that are meant to look as realistic and immersive as possible, but this game really is mind-blowing in terms of the overall look. Everything ranging from the textures to the environments to how the characters move looks completely flawless. Even the way a person looks when they die is completely realistic looking with how their body just falls limp or goes flying like a ragdoll. Simply put, these are some of the best next gen graphics that I've seen.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, I won't deny that this game is a lot of fun. When you're in the middle of a battle and the blasters are flying, explosions are occurring all around you, and enemies are pouring out, it makes for some intense gameplay and I actually felt completely immersed in the game. I loved the previous two "Battlefront" games despite not playing them recently, but this game definitely has the advantage of improved graphics and more care considering how much more popular "Star Wars" has become as of late. I bought this game wanting to feel like I was actually fighting in galactic battles of good vs. evil and that's exactly what I got. You feel as if you're in the middle of a grand "Star Wars" battle and that makes for plenty of hours of addictive gameplay.

I also find myself having fun with the vast majority of the different game modes. The two I play most are Supremacy, a mode in which your team basically has to capture most, if not all of the command posts, and Walker Assault, where you either have to aid or destroy AT-AT walkers depending on which side you're on. These two modes are a lot of fun, but I also really enjoyed the others such as fighter squadron where it's just aerial dogfights in the respective Rebel/Empire ships, and hero hunt where you play as one of the main heroes fighting off waves of enemies. I admittedly haven't played every single mode, but the ones that I played were intense, fun, and made for plenty of addictive gameplay.

That being said, this game isn't entirely flawless. There are some gameplay issues that I personally found to be bothersome in their own way. For one thing, when you're playing as a lightsaber wielding hero like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, things come off as inconsistent. When you're going around and slicing up basic fighters, it feels very smooth and it's a ton of fun, but when you actually go up against someone else with a lightsaber, the gameplay feels clunky and not as fluid as it should be. I would've liked for the developers to create some type of system where you actually engage in some type of lightsaber duel similar to that of the films rather than having the characters clumsily swing their sabers around at each other and creating a mess of sparks and confusing gameplay.

Also, there are some glitches in this game that are VERY detrimental to your overall performance. One of these glitches is that whenever I would throw a thermal detonator at what looks to be a far enough distance, I would just blow up and my death would be listed as "killed by yourself". Simply put, there's a glitch where your thermal detonator blows you up even though you threw it at a far enough distance. Another glitch I found was one involving orbital strikes. Whenever there's an orbital strike incoming, it flashes on your screen in blue if it's your own and your safe from being killed by it, or red if it's an enemy one and you're at risk of it killing you. There are times playing this game when it'll flash blue and I think I'm safe from any harm, but I still end up dying from it anyway. I'm sorry, but that's a HUGE glitch on the developers part and they should've known better to patch that up.

This game also has the disadvantage of feeling limited and incomplete in some aspects. With the regular version of the game, you have only four maps and they're Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, and Sullust. You eventually get Jakku sooner or later depending on if you preordered the game or not, but it's at least four maps. This is an aspect in which I feel that the game needs more variety and the same goes for the types of characters you can play as. You're given six heroes, Luke, Han Solo, Leia, Vader, The Emperor, and Boba Fett. They're all fun to play as, don't get me wrong, but I still would've like to seen more than just six. Also with the regular soldiers you play ass, there's very little variations to them. I think at most, you can play as a helmetless stormtrooper, but that's really it. This particular aspect of the game leads me into why I think EA is pulling some major bullshit with this game.

As far as the actual game goes in terms of graphics and gameplay, it's a lot of fun and I really enjoy playing it, but at the same time it feels like an extended Beta rather than a complete game. Four maps, limited character variations, and only six major heroes makes the game feel limited and what's worse is that EA is now pulling this shit where you have to pay an extra fifty dollars to get all of the full content. In other words, EA thought it would be a good idea to pile on DLC for the sake of making more money. This game just ends up feeling like it was made solely for DLC and that's an aspect of gaming that I truly despise. The greed involved is one thing, but DLC in general is just stupid in my opinion. I remember there was a time with video games where if you wanted extra content, it already came in the complete game, and you just had to unlock it by earning enough points or collecting enough bonuses or something like that. Now you have to pay actual money for stuff that isn't even in the game. It's just a ridiculous concept that we have to pay extra money for stuff that should come as bonus content in an already completed game. Plenty of gaming companies do it nowadays and EA seems to be leading the charge in this cavalcade of greed and moneygrubbing. I know that this one blog won't do anything to sway the people in charge of EA, and I know that I just gave them my money by voluntarily buying this game, so I'll just leave it at. That's the last I'll say of anything DLC related.

Overall, though, I personally think that this is a very fun game that casual gamers and "Star Wars" fans can enjoy immensely. The graphics are amazing, the combat is immersive and well done, and the modes that I played were plenty of fun, it's just that this game suffers from some gameplay issues and feeling incomplete due to all of the crap with EA's decisions, but it is what it is. The one thing you should take out of this review is that this is a fun game and I personally can see myself spending more time playing it in the future.

Rating: 7.5/10


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