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Yesterday, CBS announced that their Supergirl would be crossing over with The CW's The Flash for one episode on March 28th. Fans everywhere were delighted by the news: one episode surely isn't enough, but since it wasn't a guarantee in the first place, that it's happening at all is cause for celebration! Now, however, speculation abounds as to what the crossover could be about. What does it mean that Grant Gustin will bring his Barry Allen/The Flash to Supergirl and not the other way around? What does the episode's title reveal? What clues do the most recent episodes of each show give us? Let's discuss.

First, what do we know?

We know Grant Gustin will be guest starring on Supergirl and Melissa Benoist won't be guest starring on The Flash ( but we can hope). We know it'll only be for one episode, and thanks to a photo on Grant Gustin's Instagram, we know that the episode is titled "Worlds Finest".

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

For DC Comics fans, that title carries a lot of weight as it was not only the title of a long-running DC team-up comic starring Batman and Superman, but pretty much any time that title is used by DC Comics it means someone is teaming up with someone (or someones) else. What most people have noticed, however, is that the historical title is World's Finest, while the title of the Flash/Supergirl crossover is Worlds Finest - no apostrophe. The implication? The Flash and Supergirl are not the finest on the same world, but in fact the finest from separate worlds.

Image via DC Wiki
Image via DC Wiki

That's mightily convenient, as the last episode of The Flash, "Fast Lane", saw Barry and his friends leaving their Earth for Earth-2 (the next episode is appropriately titled "Welcome to Earth-2").

So, what do we think we know?

It seems pretty certain that the Flash and Supergirl exist on separate worlds. There's the evidence above, but also the fact that the media plays a fairly large roles in the narrative of both TV shows, and neither show has mentioned the other. There are legal reasons for that, sure, but canonically, The Flash has never mentioned Superman, let alone Supergirl - and Supergirl hasn't mentioned anyone else but Superman. For a media culture pretty obsessed with the existence of superheroes and super villains (like our own), it seems obvious there would at least be a mention of the others if they were on the same Earth, no?

Despite traveling with his friends to Earth-2 on The Flash, Barry Allen is, as of now, the only character from The Flash that will appear on Supergirl. Does that mean he's there on his own? Does he just visit National City alone? And importantly, why isn't the rest of his team there?

Will they be friend or foe?

Given the demeanor and general appearance of both heroes, it's pretty hard to mistake either of them for a villain (given the rather obvious way each show characterizes their villains).

Gee, Flash, y'think that's a bad guy?
Gee, Flash, y'think that's a bad guy?

If the Flash and Supergirl fight at all, it will probably be the result of some misunderstanding. I wouldn't be surprised if the Flash's journey to National City puts him on the wrong side of the law. Supergirl is generally accepted as a hero in National City, but it's not a certainty. Maxwell Lord is the most vocal anti-Supergirl voice, and it's reasonable to assume there are people that agree with him. Because of that, there's narrative room for another superhuman in National City to be seen as a threat. Given Supergirl's character, though, it won't be long before she learns the Flash is a hero.

How could you not trust that face?
How could you not trust that face?

I could also see the Flash needing something or someone to help him get back to his own Earth and maybe having to resort to... extralegal means to get it, thus putting him at odds with Supergirl and the Department of Extra-Normal Operations. To that end, the Flash could see Hank Henshaw in his Martian form, punch first and ask questions later - again putting him at odds with Supergirl.

Ultimately, though, you can't have two characters as charming as Barry and Kara and not show them becoming friends - especially if this is going to be there only appearance together! Which leads me to my next point...

Will sparks fly?

Both characters are currently single, and each of them could charm the stripes off a zebra. On top of that, Benoist and Gustin have chemistry with pretty much any other actor they meet, and if that photo shoot they did for Variety is any indication, they're poised to light up the screen together.

But only for one episode!

If there are any romantic sparks, it will be short-lived and probably not unlike Felicity Smoak's first trip to Central City: she and Barry hit it off immediately, but ultimately went their separate ways. Since for now we'll only see them together once, their relationship could just be fraught with tension.

Never Forget.
Never Forget.

Will they get to punch people together?

It's silly to expect that these two get together and don't engage in some super-heroics. More than likely, Supergirl is going to be throwing down with a baddie and she has to team up with the Flash to save the day. Supergirl and The Flash have been putting on a show, action and visual effects-wise, so the opportunity is too good to be missed.

But is that it? We only have one episode! We have to get all the goodness we can!

My ideal crossover would just be par for the course for these TV shows. Both The Flash and Supergirl have been very faithful to their source material, so why not continue the trend? Supergirl has repurposed a lot of Superman stories (next week they tackle the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons classic, Superman story, "For the Man Who Has Everything"), so why not "Speed Demons"?

The "Who's Fastest" debate is as old as the characters, but my favorite incarnation of it is the Superman: The Animated Series episode, "Speed Demons". The synopsis, from the DC Animated Universe Wiki:

Superman and the Flash are asked to compete in a charity race. However, they soon discover that the race is just a hoax in order for them to generate power for a weather altering machine used by the Weather Wizard. With this machine, he can create any weather anywhere. Superman and the Flash must team up to beat him.

The episode ends with Superman and the Flash resuming the race, but doesn't actually show who wins. Instead, it ends with them racing off into the distance. I imagine the Flash will have to leave in some way at the end of his Supergirl episode to wrap things up nicely, so ending on that kind of a cliffhanger sadly isn't an option.

The general plot, however, could be perfect for the episode. It could easily be set up, too. Supergirl didn't pull a Smallville and have Kara develop and discover her powers episode by episode, but there could be a brief plot before the Flash appears (in the episode prior, even) in which Kara tries to push her speed further than she has before. That could lay the perfect groundwork for the entrance of the "Fastest Man Alive". Both Barry and Kara are young and can be headstrong, so the opportunity to prove themselves against another hero could be too good for them to ignore.

Would there be an actual charity race as in "Speed Demons"? Probably not, as within Superman the Animated Series, the existence of other heroes was pretty much accepted, so there was no need to introduce, or even explain the Flash's presence. On Supergirl, however, there just wouldn't be enough time to both introduce the Flash as a new hero and justify his participation in a charity event. The villain that disrupts their race doesn't have to be Weather Wizard, either. The main reason for that, of course, is that Weather Wizard is already a villain on The Flash, and Barry Allen is the only thing that show is sharing with Supergirl.

Regardless of who the villain is, though, the two can get caught up in their race, only to realize too late that something's wrong in National City. In a shared show of maturity, they can put their contest aside and work together to save the day.

Within all of that, there would be so many opportunities for the actors to play off one another - to spar, to flirt, to banter, and ultimately capture everyone's hearts.

One thing's for sure, one episode with the two of them just won't be enough.

Pretty much everyone when this thing finally airs.
Pretty much everyone when this thing finally airs.

So what do you think? Who wins that race? Barry Allen's Flash, or Kara Danvers' Supergirl? Do you ship Barry and Kara? Or would you prefer to watch them fight? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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