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David Marmolejo

Rey. Finn. Poe. BB8.

The new faces of Star Wars next trilogy heroes. Rey, fearless, searching for a purpose for good. Finn and BB8. A Luke Skywalker and R2D2 feel, with a charismatic likable fellow and an adorable droid who will overjoy the globe again and again. And finally Poe, with a Han Solo reputation, hotshot, willing to do right. Heroes that have dominated the planet in the first chapter of a bold trilogy.

Kylo Ren. Captain Phasma. First Order Stormtrooper. Villains set on recapturing a vision previously lost in Darth Vader, now resurrected once again from a sinister Sith such as Kylo Ren. Relentless, somewhat childish, but with powers of true evil, an excellent step into dark forces. Captain Phasma And First Order Stormtroopers, though not much of a reckoning, evil cannot be evil without a few henchmen!

Star Wars the Force Awakens was everything as hoped to accomplish and many other things. Overachieving the box office in bold fashion, while still reaching for the two billion mark. It could be possible, but it should not matter how much it makes, rather how great of an impact it can have. And with The Force Awakens, it is sending shockwaves of Joy.


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