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I went into this movie not knowing much about Ski Jumping and came out not only respecting the sport more but fascinated by it. We have so many movies coming out year after year that are polished but have little heart. Eddie the Eagle goes to show you can still have a gorgeous film with so much heart. I would be lying if I said this movie didn't touch my heart and move me from beginning to end.

We are starting off 2016 with perhaps the feel-good movie of the year and it's definitely going to be one of the best. Eddie The Eagle is actually based on a true story which makes it have much more impact. Eddie The Eagle is based on the true story of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, an Olympic Ski jumper in the 90s. This movie revolves around his attempt to enter the 1988 Olympics and become the first, British Ski Jumper. The story is really captivating and feels so genuine that you're rooting for Eddie from the beginning.

The movie stars Taron Egerton as Eddie and let me tell you that this guy has a bright future. Taron is also the star of the sleeper hit Kingsman: The Secret Service last year which also came out in February. It certainly seems that's his month, as he delivers a tremendous performance and really brings to life the character of Eddie and doesn't make him feel like a cardboard character. Alongside him you have Hugh Jackman, who plays his coach Bronson Peary and really contrasts Eddie in a good way. The two share a certain chemistry that doesn't feel forced and you can really tell they had fun doing this movie. Their duo performance is electrifying and touching.

I really enjoyed seeing a new take on Olympic sports, and more specifically the Winter Olympics. The movie has some pretty amazing shots that really take you into the world of competitive ski jumping and they are breath taking. You are going up these dangerous, high-altitude jumps with the characters, and the way it's presented makes you feel like you're there with them. At points, it has a stylistic, hyper-real feel, similar to Kingsman thanks to producer Matthew Vaughn. The use of these hyper-real scenes doesn't take you out of the movie whatsoever because it's done in such a way that it transitions perfectly back into the real world. The only gripe I do have with the movie is the fact that most of the characters besides Eddie, Bronson, Eddie's mom, and Eddie's dad feel so cartoony and outlandish. The final act of this movie, however, will leave you on the edge of your seat and you wont want to blink. I mean this literally because the whole theater was silent with their eyes glued to the screen.

In the end, Eddie The Eagle really delivers and hits just the right keys to leave you feeling moved, perhaps to tears. I loved the artistic style it had, as well as the pacing, which never left me wanting to check the time on my watch. The movie is a feel good film that will leave you wanting more by the time the credits roll. Eddie The Eagle will inspire you to fly like Eddie and work towards your dreams. Check it out in theaters February 26th!


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