ByOisin O'Sullivan, writer at

So after the new Suicide Squad trailer dropped in DC week, there has a lot of thrill and speculation on who the villain may be. A recent article has pointed to Florunic Man being the villain, which is highly possible. But what if Poison Ivy is actually the villain. Here is a possible theory.

So in the trailer we seen some sort of being destroying a train. As seen below,

Honestly, I think it could be Florunic Man. But I don't think DC would go down that road and the introducing Poison Ivy in Suicide Squad would be huge. So, this is my speculation.

What if Poison Ivy teamed up with Enchantress too create this being? Now I know this is far fetched but with the speculation revolving around Enchantress having something to do with the villain, I think it could very well be true. So, as seen from the trailer, the being seems to have a tree like body and when he hits the train, it spreads leaves on it. Now, I bet you are thinking, "What does this have to do with anything?" Well it does.

Would Poison Ivy be world threatening? Maybe. It depends on what she is doing. But of she is teaming up with Enchantress, she could very well be world threatening,

So, the thing in the ground in the photo above seems to have a tree like substance to me. And it seems like Enchantress could have helped Poison Ivy to create it.

Now there isn't a lot of evidence surrounding this theory, but it is a possibility. We only have had two trailers so far so hopefully we will get more evidence to further this theory.


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