ByBrandon Chamberlain, writer at
Brandon Chamberlain

With the recent realise of the Arrow episode where Roy Harper returns to Star City people are sad to see him go again but will it be the last time we see him? The Arrow fans have started asking the CW network that makes Arrow to see more of the character but he has just gone back to Hub City and it would be silly to bring him back again. Arsenal was not a big DC Comics character till CW used him in Arrow and a fair few people think the character has gotten so big that CW should make a Arsenal TV series infact some people have even shared their thoughts on how the first episode should go. One of my favourite ideas was: opening scene roy is on the train back to Hub City when the front of the train blows up and armed men storm the train, Roy pulls himself up and calls Oliver for help, Oliver adds Barry to the call and tells Roy that Barry is going to take him somewhere and gives Barry the location. Barry speeds his way through the train picking up Roy to take him to a underground layer that Oliver set up after setting up his new layer incase Hub City. Roy still being on the phone to Oliver says "where am i" Oliver replies "it's your turn to make the special entrance and sorry I couldn't get the original off Thea" as Roy walks up to his new Arsenal suit. Barry speeds Roy back to the train and wishes him good luck and tells him that Felicity and Cisco found him a list of names for people in Hub City that could be good to join Team Arsenal, then Barry runs off and Roy as Arsenal in his brand new suit and brand new bow goes to kick some ass. What do you guys think of this, would you like to see an Arsenal TV series and if so how would you like to see happen in the first episode.


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