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Creep it Real Kids!!

So it's finally happening... Wrinkles The Clown has agreed to let Anomalous Films do a documentary on his life. We met with Wrinkles at his home away from home (a.k.a. the Deluxe Inn) in Ft. Myers, Florida. We got our first taste of his lifestyle off the clock.

The first thing that hit us like a brick wall as we came through the door was the overwhelming smell of cigarettes, which makes perfect sense as to why he sounds the way he does. Also, there was no shortage of half-smoked butts and ash everywhere. If I had to guess, he has to smoke at least two packs a day. His poison of choice is Colt 45 malt liquor and cheap vodka. The night stand was also adorned with a 1/2 eaten can of Chef Boyardee ravioli and the remnant of a convenience store hotdog. Not the healthiest guy on the planet, but after all he is just "trying to have a little fun before he dies."

After getting settled in a bit, we touched base on some of the topics we had discussed over the phone, mostly about the filming of his documentary. This has taken months of correspondence and lots of sweet talking, but finally we reached an agreement. So now that we got that put to bed, on to the the next hurdle... funding. Cha-ching! Documentaries are not cheap, so we started a KICKSTARTER project to fund this film. We have until March 4th, 2016 10:00PM EST to come up with the dough or this is a no-go. In short, this film cannot happen without your help!

We spent a lot of time crafting the rewards so that it could fit anyone's budget. Only got $1? No problemo... every little bit counts. So far the most popular pledges have been $25 and $100 with the most expensive pledges weighing in at whopping $9,999.

In the past few months, Wrinkles has been getting a lot of attention... so we think that is a good start, but being on TV doesn't always pay the bills.

So, do we want to make this happen or what? Hell yeah we do, but we can't do it without you. Can't make a pledge? That's cool too, ideally pledges are what's going to make this film happen, but we'll gladly take a like, comment, share or a re-post on any social network channel. It all depends on you guys, so we hope you're with us on making this freak show a reality. Lets do this!



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