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In Arrow Season 4 Episode 12, Unchained, we saw the introduction of Felicity's father, aka the Calculator. With his introduction, we saw a Felicity-leveled villain control Roy to make an internet bomb which in turn would allow him to kill millions in Star City. Just for icing on the cake, we also saw Felicity make fun of her Dads villain name - awesome Cisco-esque moment!

Lucky for us, our heroes succeeded in stopping him with a Roy-infused mission. However - that will not be reviewed in this article because well, it was too awesome to be over-shadowed by the discussion of Felicity's father and what he means to the show.

Let's get into it!

In the comics, the Calculator is an analogue version of Oracle. He prides himself on being a source of information for super-villains planning heists. He was known for his planning ability, recommending weapons and obtaining hard-to-get information about targets.

It's funny as we theorized that with Felicity in a wheel chair, she would be Oracle and take on that mantle in our Flarrowverse, but that is not the case. However, her Dad fits the evil bill!

Felicity see's her dad for the first time in years and is surprised to see him. Before next week's episode rolls around, we have to ask, what is his relationship to Felicity going to be like now? Based on her reaction, she is happy to see him. What does this mean for how things were left?

Here is where we jump from facts, to theory....

I believe Felicity's dad knows that he was battling it out with Felicity to turn on his internet bomb. With that, he would want to get to know his daughter and find out who the costumed fighters are. Why? What's his motivation? Well the same as it was with Roy. Blackmail as a means towards an end.

The Calculator needs pawns to enact his footwork so he can complete his plan. What is better then a team with such the skill set of Team Arrow?

To top it of, what if the Calculator was contracted by Damien Darhk to get rid of Team Arrow? The Calculator may just be the man to pull it off but will Felicity catch on to his plan??

There are so many possibilities to what the Calculator could mean for the show. The question is, will he carry out his plan this season or in season 5? As our next episode is called "Sins of the Father", we could see more of the Calculator/Felicity relationship. But I would say it's a safe bet the title refers to Malcolm/Thea.

Tune in to a new Arrow on Wednesday February 10th! Let's see what happens!


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