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Star Wars: Rogue One will be the first anthology spin-off film for Lucasfilm. This film will delve deep into what went down in history when the Rebels stole the Death Star plans from the Empire. We do however learn a little bit of this encounter in the opening scene of A New Hope.

The Empire had recently hijacked Captain Antilles’s ship named the Tantive IV. Preparing for this skirmish that lay ahead, the Rebel troops waited patiently for the Empire to make the first move.

You can watch this scene in its entirety below: Skip to the 5:30 minute mark for the scene I’m referring to:

“The Death Star plans are not in the main computer.,” states one of the stormtroopers. Upon hearing this Vader chokes and lifts up Captain Antilles asking, “Where are those transmissions you’ve intercepted? What have you done with those plans!?”

Gasping for air, Antilles tries to respond saying, “We intercepted no transmissions. This is a counselor ship. We’re on a diplomatic mission.”

Vader angrily asks while choking the Captain to death proclaiming; “If this is a counselor ship where is the ambassador?”

“Commander, tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plans and bring me the passengers. I want them ALIVE!”

Vader is clearly NOT pleased. These plans mean a lot to him and the Empire. He will do anything and everything that is necessary to get back those plans. He also captures the princess to try and get some answers from her.

This pivotal scene in the Star Wars universe is what primarily sets up the events that will unfold in Rogue One.

Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma

In Return of the Jedi, Mon Mothma mentions that there were many sacrifices made while retrieving the Death Star plans. Not to be confused by the first Death Star, Mothma in the scene you will see below refers to the second unfinished Death Star plans.

You can check out this quick scene below:

“Many Bothan’s died to bring us this information.”

This is what a Bothan looks like according to the Star Wars Wikia page:

A Bothan Spy
A Bothan Spy

So apparently the Empire is really bad at keeping confidential information to themselves. Not only were the Rebels able to steal the plans once, but they did it TWICE this time with the help from the Bothan’s.

But for Rogue One, the plans will only deal with the first Death Star NOT the second. You can click here for more information on the Bothans.

'Rogue One' Concept Art
'Rogue One' Concept Art

Rogue One looks like it’s going to be all out war. We already learned that Vader was none to pleased when he found that the plans (Death Star 1) had been stolen. Chances are we will be seeing Lord Vader and the Empire at its strongest obliterating everything and everyone they find. The Empire will not quit even it means killing thousands of innocent lives along the way.

'Rogue One' Concept Art
'Rogue One' Concept Art

One of the biggest questions that EVERY Star Wars fan has was how the entire Empire overlooked that one important detail: the small thermal exhaust port. Princess Leia provided this vital information to the Rebellion shortly after she was captured. The plans were placed in a droid (R2-D2). Once R2-D2 was safely taken to Yavin IV, the Rebels learned how to destroy the Death Star. You can watch the full Jan Dodonna’s speech below:

The exhaust port went straight through the center of the Death Star. Once Luke fired those two proton torpedoes inside, it started a chain reaction which caused the fatal explosion.

The Death Star's thermal exhaust port
The Death Star's thermal exhaust port

So how could the Empire have overlooked this crucial mistake? The answer may very well lie in Mikkelsen’s character. Though we are still unaware as to WHO Mikkelsen is playing one thing however is certain: he is fighting for the Rebellion.

The famous actor is known for many characters in both film and television shows including the main antagonist in Casino Royal. Mikkkelsen is also famous for his portrayal as a young Hannibal Lecter in the series Hannibal. Mikkelsen usually stars as a villain in most of his work so when he was cast in Rogue One, it was to some people’s surprise to hear he was on the side of the Rebellion.

Now the question is how crucial is this Star Wars character to the film? There have been many rumors surrounding this character. The one which appears to draw the most steam is that he was one of the founding members in the creation of the original Death Star. Therefore, he may have been the one who initiated the plans on having the exhaust port in the first place.

It is very possible that Mikkelsen’s character once worked for the Empire and betrayed them playing as a double agent more or less. Or he could have worked for the Empire knowing all to well the implications that the Empire stood for and therefore wanted to create a way that would give the Rebels the advantage if the time called for it.

'Rogue One' Concept Art
'Rogue One' Concept Art

Any way you look at it, someone had to know about the weakness. Vader wanted those plans back and knew there was a defect on the Death Star. How the defect came about is still up in the air but rumors point directly to Mikkelsen’s character.

It will be interesting to see what else we learn in the coming months leading up to the film’s December 16th release date. Hopefully the first trailer will shed light on Mikkelsen’s character.

The Rebellion is once again the underdog here even if they are the on’es going on the offensive to obtain those plans. We don’t know how they will retrieve it but we will find out soon enough when the film is released in theaters.

Are you excited for Rogue One? What type of character do you believe Mads Mikkelsen is playing? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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