ByDevin Howard, writer at

The announcement of a 2016 sequel to a 2009 box office bomb made this review scratch his head but inevitably take a second glace at "Fanboys". Upon concluding my viewing of the 2009 comedy, I can say with confidence that "Fanboys" is an absolute exploitation of a fan base. Seth Rogan and his merry band of misfits is back with a mediocre comedy at best. Director Kyle Newman is unable to save this pitiful crudely-written screenplay. Newman when on to direct a Star Wars documentary only a year later, so he is a passionate fan of the saga and has my respect. The cast with the exception of a few clever cameos is utterly unimpressive. Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell and Dan Fogler all underachieve while Sam Huntington and Chris Marquette are downright dreadful. There were times when Sam and Chris were on screen and I just groaned with displeasure and frustration. There was an apparent lack of chemistry between each cast member and the emotional moments of the film appear unnatural and forced. Nothing about this film says passion project. If I could speculate, the film attempts to cash in on a fan base's hunger for something of substance. After all the film debuted three years after "Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith" and with no movies enounced for the future, the fan were eager for something. I am glad this film bombed. It should be a lesson to Hollywood executives trying to make a quick buck off a desperate demographic. The technical aspects of this film are to bland to praise. "Fanboys" could best be described by the adjective cookie cutter. Generic as generic sadly gets these days. If you are a Star Wars fan, the cameos make give you a grin, but for general audiences I cannot recommend this picture. The film gets an uninspiring 5/10.


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