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Taron Egerton has come a long way in the world of show business since his breakout role as the tough and street smart Eggsy Unwin in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The overwhelming success of Kingsman: The Secret Service catapulted Taron Egerton into a world of cinematic opportunity! All of a sudden, he's become a Hollywood must-have, with several upcoming films already under his belt including Kingsman 2, Billionaire Boys Club, and even Robin Hood as the titular archer himself!

Based on his sought after status, it seems that Taron Egerton is on his way to becoming a household name. A fact that's even more apparent after seeing his newest film, Eddie the Eagle!

Based on a true story, Eddie the Eagle stars Taron Egerton as Michael "Eddie the Eagle" Edwards, a determined competitor who became the first to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping in 1988.

As Eddie, Taron becomes a striking contrast to his role as Eggsy in Kingsman. He's a milk-drinking, wide-grinning underdog who you probably wouldn't place your bets on in any event.

It's clear that Taron is taking a role that's totally removed from the one that made him a headlining star, or is it? This time around, Taron's character might not be a slick, James Bond type — and he's probably not a huge hit with kidnapped princesses — but just like Eggsy, Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards is a suave, intelligent, bonafide gentleman!

As you can see from the heartwarming trailer and the unfamiliar glasses and facial hair, Eddie does not bear even a passing resemblance to Eggsy. But in a lot of ways, Eggsy and Eddie are exactly the same!

Both characters grew up with the odds stacked against them. Eggsy grew up without a father, and as a result became an unemployed military dropout. Due to his circumstances people would instantly write him off, already having a preconceived idea of who he was in their heads. But as Kingsman showed, Eggsy is an intelligent and completely competent individual, capable of taking down an evil organization and saving the world!

Eddie grew up with both of his parents, but like Eggsy, he was instantly written off by everyone he met. Despite his bad knee and clumsy stature, Eddie dreamed of making it to the Olympics, but even his own father didn't believe this seemingly impossible goal would ever become a reality. But as you'll see in Eddie the Eagle, Eddie will do everything he can to prove his doubters wrong!

Both also had incredible mentors: Eggsy leaned on Harry Hart, and Eddie looked to Bronson Peary, a former Olympic ski jumping champion, for support. Eggsy and Eddie's mentors teach them crucial techniques and indomitable willpower, shaping them into champions in their own right.

Eddie may not be a super-spy like Eggsy, but he managed to do the impossible (in real life, nonetheless)! The odds — and practically the entire world — were against him, but he ignored the skeptics to persevere! He kept doing what he loved, and even though he fell a lot, he always got back up.

Because of that, Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards not only became a history-making Olympian, setting several British records, but he also proved that he was the person who could upset the status quo!

Taron Egerton might be portraying a different character, but his role as Eddie Edwards shares many of the essential lovable traits that made Eggsy Unwin such a hit. How exactly? Because like Eggsy, Eddie showed the world that he was intelligent, skilled, and incredibly persistent.

Eddie has all the qualities of a gentleman, even if he doesn't seem like one. You can check out Taron Egerton as 'Eddie the Eagle' on February 26!


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