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So much was missing from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What is Rey's lineage? What was going on with Luke and his independent Jedi start-up? Why does Kylo Ren hate Han Solo? We can typically give questions like these a pass because they will probably be addressed in the upcoming saga films, but what about the politics of the galaxy?

The subject of politics was probably purposefully avoided due to the overabundance of them in the prequels, but the film tells us practically nothing about the state of the Republic, how the Rebels turned into the Resistance, and how Leia went from Princess to General.

Author Claudia Gray, who released Lost Stars this past September, is back for the latest known novel in the new Star Wars canon titled Bloodline. USA Today revealed known plot details and an actual excerpt from the pages themselves. Bloodline takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. After the destruction of the Empire, Leia climbs her way into the Galactic Senate and and became a leader for the New Republic. The book will mostly follow her career instead of portraying her other roles as a sister, mother, and wife to Han Solo.

The most compelling thing about this release is the cover art itself. We see a somewhat worn and sullen Leia in front of the helmet of her father, Darth Vader. Their relationship as daughter and father is something we have yet to see in the film, the primary focus being on Luke and Anakin's relationship. If anything, the title of Bloodline should be the giveaway of what we're truly in for with this book.

Check out the article from USA Today for some more tidbits and to read the entire excerpt!


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