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More news has been coming in on the casting front for Gilmore Girls, and fans should be rejoicing. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of the beloved show, has been working tirelessly to get so many of the original cast back, including fan favorites, which does also include ex-boyfriends.

Matt Czuchry, played Logan Huntzberger, was Rory's love interest during Seasons 5-7 and her last serious relationship that we saw. He is one of these possibly returning fan favorite ex's. He went from bad boy to decent guy, and many were confused when she told him that she didn't want to marry him after his proposal.

Matt may be the first of many, with Palladino stating that:

"Our plan is to get as many of [Rory’s] lovely men back as possible. We’re still dealing with who’s going to be in it. We definitely want to see them. And we have storylines planned. I just need someone to tell me they’re going to show up.”

While the sign on may bring hope, it should also be noted that when we finally catch up with the Gilmore girls again, Rory is just dating and not seeing anyone seriously. That is quite the contrast, as on the show she was a serial monogamist.

Here is hoping that whatever comes for Rory, she is still that strong girl we know and love, though it wouldn't hurt to see an old flame be rekindled either after so many years.

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