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Venom is awesome. And so, as an artist, I feel compelled to draw the the Spider-Man villain at least once a year. His fun, simple design makes for a great time trying to come up with different ways to mold and shape the character. It's always fun to see just how many teeth is too much teeth (usually, the more the better) and how many tendrils can be added to the character.


The illustration started off as a doodle I had done in Photoshop, and while I initially was having a good time drawing the symbiotic super villain, I eventually lost interest, closed the file and moved onto other things. Fast forward about six months later, and as I was going through old images I had saved on my computer, this guy came back up:

Venom Lite
Venom Lite

He looked cooler than I remembered when I had initially set him aside. After seeing this old thing again, my inspiration was reignited and I thought I'd try to go back at it. So I polished it up, cropped and angled the image, gave him more teeth, more drool and some extra tendrils whirling out from his head, and in the end, I got the image you see at the top of the article.

A quick 'step by step' of how I created the image.
A quick 'step by step' of how I created the image.

I had a great time coming back to finish something that I started. Working on Venom is always enjoyable because I can just have fun with his design. He can look as intense and nasty as you want, and drawing him always makes me feel like a kid.

Like every project I work on, I always learn something from the process. In this case, one thing I've learned is to never delete or throw out an old doodle no matter how lame, uninspired or uninteresting I might perceive it at the time. I usually realize that something isn't quite that bad once I go back to it, or that maybe something old can be re-imagined. And so I hope, to any of you who might stumble upon my work, that you enjoyed this rendition of Venom as much as I enjoyed painting him.

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