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It's currently February 4th. You look over at your loved one and wonder hmmm.. what do they have planned for this Valentine's Day? Delivered flowers? Chocolates? A 20 foot teddy bear? At this moment, you start to panic that you have absolutely nothing planned for the one day of the year which you show the most love. And then it hits you. Perfect! Why not just stay in and do the same things you guys do every day of the year? Netflix and chill. It does not cost any money and who doesn't love to stay in and watch movies all day with your significant other or even just by yourself? Here is a list of some great films to watch on February 14th:

1. Grease (1978)

What a classic! Grease has been entertaining audiences ever since its release in 1978. With a recent live adaptation premiering on TV, Grease is still as amazing as it was the first time. Bad boy meets good girl, who doesn't enjoy a love story where opposites attract?

2. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Silver Linings Playbook is a different type of film for Valentine's Day but has the same effect. Two people with their own problems come together to form a team and end up, you guessed it, falling in love. This film is great for everyone and the chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper is enough to make the list. You just have to love this quote:

Tiffany: Why did you order raisin bran?

Pat: Why did you order tea?

Tiffany: Because you ordered raisin bran.

Pat: I ordered raisin bran because I didn't want there to be any mistaking it for a date.

Tiffany: It can still be a date if you order raisin bran.

3. Hitch (2005)

What is a list of romance films without a romantic comedy about an unromantic guy getting tips on how to well, be romantic? Hitch is a life lesson for all guys on how to kick away bad pick-up lines and be more considerate towards what women want.

4. The Last Five Years (2014)

Another musical makes the list. It may not be as popular as Grease but it still packs the same romantic elements for Valentine's Day. The Last Five Years is a film that details a story of a couple within the last five years through song and dance. It's beautiful and will have you singing the songs for days.

5. Shakespeare in Love (1998)

A romance tale for the history books. This film will have English majors (like myself) and History majors unite for an interesting take on a young William Shakespeare.

6. Bridegroom (2013)

This film is a little different than the others on the list. It is a documentary making the plot 100% real. And another thing that makes it different is that it is a tearjerker. Many films on this list have happy endings but this one in particular has a sad beginning, middle, and end. It is a beautiful retelling of love between two men through the eyes of family, friends, and both men. The documentary shows how far someone would go to be with the love of their life one last time.

7. Across the Universe (2007)

Why are so many musicals about romance? Well, that's because singing about love appeals to people. This film has more lyrics than dialogue and includes the music of The Beatles with the Vietnam War to show a love story between a rich girl and a poor boy. Sounds like Titanic? Well, delete the sinking ship and the characters dying and you have this film.

8. Let the Right One In (2008)

Yes, I included a horror film. It's beautiful and amazing. A love story between an average boy and his not so average new neighbor. I don't want to say more than that because it will lead to spoilers. Give it a go, you will not regret it.

Those are just a few films to get your Valentine's Day weekend started! If you are still stumped, Netflix has a whole romance category for anyone looking for a film to watch. When in doubt, check Netflix for all your chilling needs. Enjoy the holiday love birds!


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