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Television programs have revolutionized since their creation, from the initial invention of the television to what we have now, but one of the most outstanding aspects of TV shows, is how tangible it is to view them with new services like Netflix. To honor all that Netflix has given us, I have taken the liberty to compile an archive of the top 10 best shows you could binge watch. Whether you have nothing better to do, or want a valid excuse to procrastinate here's the list for you!

Parks and Recreation

First up on our list is Parks and Recreation, an NBC classic. The show follows the life of Leslie Knope, head of the park and recs department of her home town of Pawnee, Indiana. The show is shot in a documentary style similar to the office. Filled with hilarious situation and an outstanding cast, Parks and Recs gets an 8/10. With seven seasons to watch, you'll be a classic couch potato when you reach the end.

Pretty Little Liars

What happens when your best friend ends up missing, then is mysteriously found buried dead underneath her yard years later? What happens next when you start getting harassed by her presumed alias "A". The show Pretty Little Liars revolves around the life of four girls, after the mysterious death of their best friend Ally. The group parts ways only to join forces again when they all begin to receive messages from an unknown user known as "A" who knows secrets only Ally knew. What will these girls do to figure out the truth behind their friend's death? With five seasons maybe you can figure out who "A" is before these girls do.

Criminal Minds

With over 10 seasons, this psychological thriller show is the perfect thing to watch on a rainy day at home or when you're in the mood for a mystery. Revolving around a group of profilers in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, Criminal Minds is a classic cop show with a twist. Having a wide range of characters and a unique cases that can't be compared. Every episode is filled with crazy serial killers and kidnappers, this show isn't for the light of heart. 9/10


Drugs, sex, and drama, oh my! Skins is a UK program with over seven seasons revolving around a recurring theme. Drugs and teen drama. How could they keep this plot for seven seasons you're asking? The answer is simple really, its characters. With over three generations of kids, skins will get far from boring. From eating disorders to teen pregnancies, Skins will have you at the edge of your seat. 9/10

30 Rock

Starring Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, 30 Rock revolves around her life as head writer and creator of "The Girlie Show" a popular network program. It's hard running a TV show, from dealing with childish actors to coming up with the perfect script, all the while balancing her love life, Liz Lemon has a lot on her plate, but she's fully prepared to eat it all up. Filled with hilarious situations and outstanding acting, 30 Rock will be your new favorite pick me up! With a total of seven seasons your life will be far from boring. 10/10


A classic case of "takes one to know one." Dexter follows the life of Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who hunts down serial killers. Coming from a troubled past, Dexter works as a blood analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, but he has a side of him no one knows about. In his free time you'll find Dexter confronting criminals who've gotten away with their crimes, and giving them their just desserts. With over eight seasons Dexter is one of a kind. 8/10

The X-Files

Two FBI agents are on the hunt for the unknown. Trying to solve cold cases with presumed supernatural occurrences. Following Fox Mulder, an alien enthusiast, and Dana Scully, a skeptic of the the paranormal, these two are a classic case of Ying and Yang. The X-files is a sci-fi classic that's filled with drama, action, and horror. With over nine season you'll be wanting more. 7/10

The Vampire Diaries

With over six seasons, The Vampire Diaries is a teen classic. Filled with love triangles, vampires, witches, and werewolves the show is far away from bland. With plenty of twists an turns you'll be on the edge of your seat. Eventually the show leads to a spin-off, The Originals, it's like the story never ended. Once you're done with all the seasons available you can start a new one. 8/10

The Office

Filled with plenty of witty offset comedy and a unique cast of characters, The Office is one in a million. Revolving around well....... the office of a paper supply company, their lives are far from boring. From co-worker drama to staff meetings, there isn't a single episode that wont leave you breathless. 9/10


What a mother will do to support her family will surprise you. Nancy Botwin becomes a widow once her husband dies of a heart attack, how will she maintain the bills and the lifestyle her and her family are accustomed to? The answer will shock you, she begins to sell pot. With eight season, this dark-comedy is filled with a great storyline that will make you questions whether you should start your own garden. 8/10

I have compiled here a top of the line list for you to enjoy. Now you have no reason to say "I have nothing to watch!" So sit back and join a fandom, you have a lot of catching up to do.


So, what will you be watching next?


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