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Perhaps you've seen the new TV show, Blindspot, or maybe it has flown under your radar all this time. It has well-done action sequences, a gripping plotline and just enough romance to make things interesting.

Blindspot is about a woman who is found in the middle of Times Square. Her body is covered in tattoos, and she has no memory of who she is, how she came to be in Times Square naked in a bag, or who sent her. The tattoos are all new, and they are soon discovered to lead to events, events that are triggered by hidden corruption.

Jane Doe, as she is called at first in the series, doesn't know who she is. Naturally, the FBI is called in to investigate when the name of one of their own, Kurt Weller, is tattooed on her back. Jane helps them out in a few ways, discovering quite the mastery of language. They do a DNA test on her to see if they can find out who she is. When they find out she's a kidnapped kid named Taylor Shaw, they find that interesting. What I'm here to mention is the tooth analysis they did on Jane a while later. It suggested she wasn't in fact Taylor Shaw. Even though the DNA test tested 99.9% for Taylor's DNA, the tooth revealed she was born and raised in sub-Saharan Africa. Considering Taylor was childhood neighbours with one Kurt Weller, this would be impossible. So what could it be?

1) She's Not Taylor Shaw

Image courtesy of NBC
Image courtesy of NBC

I know what you're thinking: she tested 99.9% for Taylor Shaw's DNA. But what if her DNA has been messed with to look like a missing girl's? What if that's simpler than having someone with absolutely no known past show up? It would make for a much better story for the FBI to accept if she was a missing girl after all. Maybe she's a girl from sub-Saharan Africa.

Another possibility is that someone is corrupt in the FBI. We already know the person heading the division is from the flashbacks we were shown. What if someone else is, and they tampered with the DNA test? Or they could've tampered with the tooth analysis. Why would they do this? Simple. To throw the FBI off the scent for some reason.

2) She is Taylor Shaw, But Kurt Weller Remembers Different

Image courtesy of NBC
Image courtesy of NBC

It could be that Taylor was born in Africa and brought back to the US for a short while before being returned to Africa. Perhaps it was staged as a kidnapping, or perhaps a parent wanted her back and abducted her. Both are entirely possible.

3) She Isn't Taylor Shaw, But She Does Have the Same DNA

Image courtesy of NBC
Image courtesy of NBC

There are a couple of options here. Number one could be that she is not Taylor Shaw but her twin, separated at birth and raised in Africa. You might think this is a bit far-fetched for today's TV industry to pull, but this woman has shown up with tattoos all over her body and a command of many different languages. No plot point should be ruled out too quickly.

That includes the next one, that Taylor Shaw or Jane Doe was a clone of the other. It has already been proven that Jane Doe has a dubious past with an organization we know nothing about. She's a former SEAL too, which could mean that her cloning was overseen by the government and done off-shore to shift the blame. The only problem with this particular theory is that Jane has already remembered the person who took her, so she obviously remembers her home as well. However, we still don't know where this home is located.

Ultimately though, we are going to have to watch to find out all of the answers we seek about Jane Doe. Check out Blindspot on NBC when it premieres its second season on February 29!


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