ByMatthew Thompson, writer at

I'm sitting on my beat up couch tonight watching Empire Strikes Back for the million plus time, watching the Empire turn Han Solo into wall art, when I came up with a brand new revelation: Kylo Ren is the biggest jerk in the galaxy. How awful for Han to suffer at the hands of the dark side only to have his jerk kid embrace it years later.

Kylo is not the mirror image of Anakin Skywalker who was seduced by the dark side out of fear of loss. Instead, Kylo rejected the light by stabbing his father with that ragged lightsaber hilt in the Force Awakens. That's pretty cruel. I don't care what daddy issues he may had with Han; there is no justification for killing him and what more is he idolizes the grandfather that tortured both his parents. Chewy was right to shoot him. This is not the story of a prodigal son who will learn his lesson and then return home. This son has killed the father that would have celebrated his return to the light.

Kylo is less likely to become the symbol of terror that Vader was and more likely end up as that spoiled brat that burns the family house down while everyone is sleeping. Nobody likes that kid.


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