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The long-anticipated horror film The Witch is on its way into theaters this month, and many are wondering what to expect. With sources like IndieWire reporting that the film has been declared a "transformative Satanic experience" by the Satanic Church themselves, one can only imagine that this 90-minute film will be, in a word, wicked.

However, we cannot forget the witches that set the precedent for such a terrifying film! Here are 5 film-famous witches that are still casting spells on us:

5. The Grand High Witch - 'The Witches'

Was anyone NOT scared of her?
Was anyone NOT scared of her?

Anjelica Huston did an incredible job of portraying this nasty, child-hating witch, hell-bent on turning children into mice with a secret potion. I know I'm not the only one that had nightmares about the Grand High Witch when I was younger. To this day, I don't accept chocolate from strangers in fear that I'll be turned into a mouse.

Her most terrifying moment: Oh, I don't know, maybe when she rips her face off? Yeah, this was a children's movie. Based on a children's book.

4. Nancy Downs - 'The Craft'

Starting at a new school can be tough, especially when the crowd you associate with is obsessed with the occult. Nancy Downs (Fairuza Balk) is the absolutely insane leader of a group of witches looking to summon Manon, and is also very easily angered. Sometimes, her anger leads to people dying. Did I mention she's insane?

Her most terrifying moment: She throws a guy out the window after confessing she's a witch.

3. Mater Suspiriorum - 'Suspiria'

Translating to 'Mother of Sighs', Mater Suspiriorum is queen of the coven, fronted as a ballet studio in Germany. If her face isn't enough to freak you out, her power may be! She has the ability to become invisible, making it nearly impossible for protagonist Suzy to kill her.

Her most terrifying moment: Suzy finally comes face-to-face with Suspiriorum herself, and the experience is nothing short of disturbing and creepy, yet gratifying.

2. Minnie Castevet - 'Rosemary's Baby'

Sweet, sweet Minnie Castevet only has the best intentions for Rosemary Woodhouse when Rosemary moves into Minnie's apartment building among the likes of homemade dinners, hand-delivered smoothies... sadly, it turns out that Minnie just really wants Rosemary's baby (ha! I said it!) to sacrifice to Satan. Don't let her adorable face and fashion sense fool you, this witch is nuts.

Her most terrifying moment: she conjures the Devil to rape Rosemary while she's asleep to impregnate her with his child. What a horrifying woman.

1. The Wicked Witch of the West - 'The Wizard of Oz'

Another character in the 'who the hell didn't she scare' category: the Wicked Witch of the West. Every woman's worst nightmare – a crazy lady that will stop at nothing to steal her shoes and dog. Popping up at the most inopportune times because her crystal ball shows her everything she needs to know, the Wicked Witch had us all terrified in our childhoods. Those flying monkeys didn't help.

Her most terrifying moment: This iconic moment in film history:

But more terrifying than all of these witches is the mysterious protagonist of The Witch, in theaters in just a few short weeks. The trailers have been taking the horror world by storm, and it's sure not to disappoint.

With memorable characters, stellar acting, a creepy score and one of the most unsettling tones I've ever seen in a film, The Witch will absolutely bewitch horror fans looking for a brand new experience.

'The Witch' flies into theaters on February 19th, are you brave enough to venture to see it?


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