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Eddie The Eagle is a true, inspirational story of a man that defied all odds to achieve his dreams. After watching the film I learned a thing or two (or 6) that I would like to share:

1. Ski Jumping Is Hard!

Eddie Edwards started out as a man that had never ski jumped in his life and followed his Olympic dreams to the top in just a year. Along the way he gets LOTS of bumps and bruises and since I don’t know how to ski and am afraid of heights I couldn’t help but cringe and gasp the entire time.

2. The 90 Meters Jump Is Really Scary

I’m not a mathamagician (yes, that was on purpose) so the tallest slope that Eddie was up against seemed fairly basic when they spoke about it. When seeing it on screen my jaw dropped and I legitimately had anxiety. Nope, not trying that ever.

3. Milk Is Better Than Whiskey

Bronson Peary had his way of training and so did Edwards but Eddie always kept on the straight and narrow and proved that he was extremely serious about his training……besides one, underhanded moment that I wouldn't want to spoil here.

4. Sometimes Winning Isn’t Everything

Eddie had the drive and passion to go the distance and accomplish his Olympic goals no matter if he came in first place or last place and that says a whole lot about someone’s character.

5. Snow Can Hurt

I live in Texas where we don’t get a whole lot of that white stuff so seeing Edwards fumble and hit the slope face first the initial time made me wonder just how bad he got hurt. Yeah, it was bad. Didn’t look fun at all.

6. Giving Up Isn’t An Option

Edwards lived his life with a goal in mind and didn’t let anything get in his way whether it be his parents, injury or even the Great Britain Olympic Committee. He is a true example of an indomitable spirit.

Be sure to watch Eddie The Eagle in theaters everywhere February 26th!


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