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Who played it better?

I’m not a fan of clowns. In fact, I hate them! But Joker is definitely one of THE most iconic supervillains of all time. Since I’m from the 80’s, the only Joker I’ve seen on the big screen were played by Jack Nicholson (Batman film), Heath Ledger (Dark Knight) and Jared Leto in the upcoming Suicide Squad (which I have yet to see).

Joker in the comic series, is a dark character with a clown-like appearance. He is a master criminal and psychopath, with a twisted sense of humour.

So who played the better Joker?

Since Suicide Squad won’t be released until August 2016, I can't comment on Jared Leto’s version of Joker. Personally, it’s hard to say who was actually a better Joker. It’s two totally different interpretations. Comparing it to the comic series, I think Heath Ledger kept true to the darker nature of Joker. However, if we are looking at character development, then the first Batman film did a much better job. In the 1989 version, we get to see how Jack Nicholson’s character evolves into the Joker.

In my opinion, both Ledger and Nicholson did a phenomenal job playing the badass villain. I think Jared Leto has some big shoes to fill. It’ll be interesting to see if he can pull it off.


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