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Zoolander 2 doesn't hit theaters until Friday, and fans of the first movie can't wait to see what new looks Derek and former, rival model Hansel can form, or if there will possibly be a glimpse of the ever-elusive look, Magnum.

The cast of the most photogenic film of 2016 has been going around the world to promote the film, stopping in London for its blue carpet premiere on Thursday. At the premiere, the star of the film had an idea that his on-screen counterpart could only dream of. Stiller managed to somehow create a 28-foot long, working selfie stick and used it at the premiere to break the Guinness World Record for selfie stick length. He took the image with the rest of his cast members and later posted to twitter.

But this selfie wasn't as effortless as Blue Steel. Wielding a 28-foot selfie stick on a breezy, British evening posed a bigger challenge than Stiller expected. BBC Newsbeat shared a video of Ben Stiller controlling his contraption, with Stiller almost losing his wily device. Check out the video:

Zoolander 2 is set to hit theaters on February 12.

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