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Mad Max: Fury Road is a 2015 film which is fourth in its series. The movie premieres this year for the first time on television only on HBO India. Watch out for the double telecast of this flick in the prime time slot and experience some real post-apocalyptic road rage action.

Temperatures are dipping but the entertainment fever is soaring high with Mad Max: Fury Road. The schedule is awaited as the blockbuster movie premieres on HBO India for the first time. New beginnings always happen to create newer, better memories. So, be ready to usher-in the celebrations lined up this fall. Our prime-time is chock-full of brand new films that released past year. And now, what dragged us to theatres is now going to adorn our drawing rooms. Puff up your cushions and roll down your sleeves to sit back and enjoy this movie of the month.

Here Goes the Plot

Mad Max: Fury Road is an english action film on tv that was released in 2015. Fourth in the series of Mad Max, its story opens in an imaginary desert wasteland of future ravaged by a nuclear holocaust. Tom Hardy plays the pivotal role of Max, previously an MFP officer but now a captive of the War Boys, an army gathered by the tyrannical leader, Immortan Joe. In this film, Max Rockatansky along with Imperator Furiosa (essayed by Charlize Theron) is trying to escape the tyrannical leader named Immortan Joe who is played by Hugh Keays-Byrne.

Known to people for being a universal donor of blood, Max is incarcerated to treat the sickly War Boy, Nux (Nicholas Hoult). It is when Imperator Furiosa drives her well-armoured War Rig in order to collect gasoline from the adjacent Gas Town that Joe comes to know of her midway. Joe is looking for his Five Wives, the healthy and beautiful women he selected specially for breeding are vanished. He sends his men in search of her as she is driving off route. Both the forces are in conflict leading Furiosa to go off track into a sandstorm in an attempt to escape the captor, Nux after her.

Story So Far

Nux tries to bring down the rig to pieces by letting his car blown under the impact of the massive truck. In the meantime, Max escapes and limits Nux but the vehicle explodes eventually leaving him badly injured. After the storm has passed, Max locates Furiosa repairing her Rig with the Wives cleaning up with water and trying to do away with the metal chastity belts attached to their bodies. A fight ensues and Max attempts to overpower them. This marks the beginning of a close association as the War Boys are following all.

Reaching Climax

There is a mystery in store for viewers as they come to know of the troubled past of Furiosa as she reveals her real identity. With this development, everything makes sense as you get to know why Joe was after her life. The story takes an interesting turn when a group of all-female bikers join the battle. Watch the flick to figure out what happens next and to whom victory bows down. Know how all the characters meet their fate in this tug-of-war tale and on whom the noose was let lose.

So, be ready to experience the double bonanza of some real post-apocalyptic road rage stunts this year only on HBO India.


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