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We all have dreams, whether they were from childhood or not. We all dream about a better life; a life of accomplishment and getting noticed for those accomplishments. However, life isn't about just dreaming of being good at something. It's not about how big you can dream. It's about what you do in life to accomplish those dreams. Following your dreams is one thing, fighting through the people who don't believe you is another, but actually accomplishing those dreams you've had since you were a kid is the best feeling anyone could ever have. Michael "Eddie" Edwards fought his entire life to prove himself and to accomplish his dreams.

"Where do you think you're going, young man"

"To the Olympics"

The movie Eddie The Eagle opens up with a young boy holding his breath and then rushing out the door with his backpack to head to the Olympics. Within the first few minutes of the movie the audience has been shown this little boy's dream. The movie follows him through his childhood where he puts his broken glasses into this little tin lunchbox. I like to think this is his way of documenting his failures in trying to find the right sport for him to get into the Olympics.

His mother is always so supportive of his antics, but it's his father that tries to drill a sense of realism into his head. His father constantly tells him that he's "not an athlete." Eddie's father gets annoyed with how big his son's dreams seem to get each and every time he fails at something. First it was the Olympics, and then on a day he goes to work with his dad he changes that dream to wanting to be a part of the Winter Olympics.

The beauty of this movie isn't the fact that Eddie's dream came true. No, it's the journey that he took to accomplish that dream. He was turned down by the British Olympic Committee for downward ski slopes. So he set his sights on being a ski jumper in order to make the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.

Enter his coach, Bronson Peary, a drunk who used to be an American ski jumper with a lot of talent. Eddie takes to him quickly and tries to get him to coach him in ski jumping, but Bronson doesn't want to at first. It's not until he sees the determination in Eddie after a particularly nasty fall that he takes him seriously.

Throughout the film, Eddie is perceived as a joke by everyone. He fights with the British Olympic Counsel for his spot to represent Great Britain. The constant scrutiny Eddie receives throughout the entire film does not deter him from his dream to be in the Olympics.

As an avid dreamer, I've always had big goals set for myself. I've done what I feel is right to try and accomplish those dreams. After watching the film Eddie The Eagle, it made me realize that I wasn't fighting hard enough to accomplish my own dreams. The entire film as a whole was beautiful and very well done.

Definitely a feel good family oriented film for all to see. Inspirational and worth seeing in theaters on February 26th!


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