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Digital monsters, pocket monsters, I think we have all dreamt of owning one. Dreamt of fighting beside these powerful monstrosities and watching in awe as they perform feats which will only make you gawk in wonder. We all know of the power of these creatures, but Rico Busalpa did something quite peculiar with the Pokemon and Digimon - he condensed their awesome power and transformed them into weapons. His creations are almost as impressive and the monsters themselves.

The Fiery Arrows of Rapidash

Rapidash is a magnificent fiery stallion whose elegance and beauty is artfully transformed into a powerful bow and arrow. Not sure about you guys, but I can totally imagine a certain 'Girl on Fire' using these to survive the 'Hunger Games'.

Blastoise's Water Blaster

I'm not entirely sure what to call this but what I do know is that I don't want to get blasted or sliced up with that thing. With two massive blades and a water gun as powerful as Blastoise's water blast, it could send anyone blasting off, Team Rocket style, anytime.

Pichu's Throwing Knives

Little Pokemon get little weapons, but that doesn't make them any less powerful. A pair of tied throwing knives and defensive wrist bands, I can only imagine the shock someone would get fighting against these.

The Scythe of Absol

Always a favorite Pokemon of mine, Busalpa manages to capture this Absol's mystery and beauty in his scythe. But don't let its elegance fool you, the Grim Reaper doesn't carry a scythe just to look cool.

The staff of Umbreon and Espeon

These cute little Pokemon make quite an intimidating staff. Beautiful and powerful, that's what I'd imagine the holder of this staff to be.

Cherrim's Tessen

Tessens were a popular form of battle fans in Japan and with Cherrim's resemblance to the world famous Japanese cherry blossoms, I can see what inspired this creation. Beautiful and deadly, that seems to be theme of these weapons.

The Mystic Bracelet of Sableye

Sableye is quite mysterious so it no surprise that the weapon he inspires is also mysterious. Usually it takes the appearance of a dainty bracelet but when needed, its mystical gem causes a deadly dagger sized blade to appear. This is just dripping with originality.

The Steelix Throwing Axe

Well I think it's a throwing axe anyway. I couldn't think of any other weapon with this particular shape, but I do know this, if this thing has even just a quarter of Steelix's weight and power, I really pity the poor opponent.

The Trident Kyogre

Quite appropriate if you ask me - a powerful water Pokemon, such as Kyogre, being transformed into the weapon of choice (a trident) of the God of the sea. I would steer clear of Atlantis for a while if you were a potential invader facing off against this thing.

Honchkrow's Sabre

Swift and strong, that's how Honchkrow's sabre would be. You better not blink because you'd end up without an arm in just that amount of time.

The Metagross 3D Manoeuvre Gear

Okay, so for those of you who may not be familiar with the Attack on Titan anime, 3D manoeuvre gear is used by the main heroes to protect the remnants of humanity against the massive and destructive titans. So it may be considered understandable why they might need Metagross's power to defeat them.

And, so as not to offend the digital monsters out there, Rebusalpa has also crafted a number of Digimon themed weapons just as impressive as his Pokemon ones. Although small in number, I still believe them worthy of being mentioned here.

The Spear of Pidgeot and Garudamon

With one blade echoing Garudamon's fiery strength and the other Pidgeot's swift speed, this is just the combination of Digimon and Pokemon we never knew we wanted.

Garurumon's Claws

Although massive, Garurumon's strength can only be amplified by these small creations. Similar to Wolverine's claws, these things can probably cut trough even the strongest metals.

MagnaAngemon's Amethyst

I always remember MagnaAngemon being a Digimon that defended the worlds from darkness. I think this staff, decorated with his six wings, is just the thing any harbinger of the Light needs.

The Blade of Sakuyamon

From one of the most powerful Digimon ever created, a broad blade is what would be needed to protect both the real and digital worlds from evil.


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