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Now this is a movie I have been looking forward to ever since I saw the trailer. I'm a big Coen brothers fan with such classics as The Big Lebowski (which is one of my favorite movies of all time), Oh Brother Where Art Thou (which one of my friends had a part in), Raising Arizona, No Country Country for Old Men, and many more! So did this movie live up to the other films they have directed? Let's find out!

Good: Now probably my favorite thing about this movie is that it's one huge love letter to 1950s cinema, and they picture what 50s Hollywood is like in the studios and it has such a great energy and I why I love movies and why I want to get involved in the business myself one day! Now the acting in this movie is spectacular, George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, and so many more actors were great in this movie, but I have to say that my favorite performance of this movie was Alden Ehrenreich who does a hilarious job as a actor who usually stars in Cowboy movies, but then is cast in a drama, and just the stuff he does and how he plays off of Ralph Fiennes is great!

Bad: Now my biggest complaint with this movie and it's pretty big, and that's the story. The movie tries so hard to be a love letter to 1950s cinema, which it exceeds at, the story is just everywhere trying to cover as much as it possibly can! There are so many side stories in this movie, you can't definitively say what the main story is! Now my last complaint is that this movie just sorta... ends, it's weird, I wanted more, which is good I guess, but I just didn't feel satisfied, not that this movie was short or anything, it's just ended on a weird note, that's all.

So overall, if you want to see this movie, keep your expectations lowered in terms of story, but look forward to what's it's like to live in the day of the movie business in the 50s, now I found a lot of interest into this movie because I'm currently writing a research paper that touches upon the decline of movie in the late 40s so I'm probably going to rate this movie higher than most, so I'm going to give Hail, Caesar! a 7.5/10. It's a good movie, just not one of the Coen brothers' best ones.

So have any of you seen this movie or plan on seeing this movie? Please, give me your thoughts in the comments below and look forward to next week of my review of.... DEADPOOL!!!! I can't believe that it's only a week away!!!!


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