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Home Box Office India is surely up for a rechristening as it does a vanishing act just before Valentine’s Day. HBO offers an entertainment experience that is incomparable and has a territory that is unconquerable, making it the market leader in the country that has an eye for Hollywood movies and original series.

It is just when we were prepping for Valentine’s Day that Home Box Office does a vanishing act in India leaving everybody asking. Where is HBO exactly? We have always looked forward to HBO when we wanted to stay indoors and organise movie dates for two. With the best pizza in town along with our significant other and bottles of beer to gulp down, an ideal date is set in the passing winters. The only thing missing here could be a home theatre arranged on a big, flat screen with our partner in tow. Gone are the days of switching channels. There is no competition to HBO as we get to watch blockbuster hollywood movies and original series from independent production houses, all fitting into an idiot box.

Superclone for Break-Free Entertainment

Our memories go back to the days when a thing called Home Box Office arrived at our doorsteps only to leave us glued to our television sets. Remember the Superclone ad that launched the HBO Premium channels. It imagined a ‘Superclone’ offering break-free entertainment to all in high definition format. Think about it! What if your senses only work while watching HBO and the superclone does all the work you worry about? You get spoilt for choice and cannot desire for anything else than a snack attack.

HBO India in New Look

Perhaps, it is when you were contemplating, Home Box Office decided to go for remodelling. The channel is rebranding itself to come with a better look in India, with all due respect to regulatory approvals. This may expand the audience base further across the Indian sub-continent. It has the backing of its entire contingent which is burning the midnight oil to bring you advertisement-free quality entertainment with a more glitzy, glamorous appearance. You may get to witness more adventure, action, comedy and romance this year with an invigorated HBO India.

Valentine’s Day Makeover

From 2016, entertainment goes global and viral in the digital world by starting afresh but with the same feel. Everybody prefers a makeover once in a while as they love themselves and feel good about it. It does not call for a change of identity but to come off stronger with more confidence and vigour. It is to prove that old is gold but that gold can be polished for better. It is called going with the flow, keeping with the trend and appearing more suave and sophisticated.

The channel has come a long way since its arrival to the country in 2000. And now, it has reached another milestone in its unending journey and its territory seems unconquerable. Aspiring to get an edge in the Indian market and capture our hearts this Valentine’s Day, Home Box Office is soon to be back with a bang and you would not regret it as the moment would be worth the wait.

Stay tuned to HBO India for more updates on what is up next in store. The experience of movie viewing is to be bigger and better with the entire Hollywood coming to your television screen without any ‘Sorry for Interruption’.


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