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Throughout DC's history, there have been many reiterations of our favorite Superheroes. Whether it's Batman with Green Lantern Powers, a Flash who looks like Grant Gustin, or a Superman from Soviet Russia, multiverse and elseworld characters are a great source for stories and for readers to get answers to their big "what if" questions. Right now, the DCEU's Joker is being reimagined in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and currently looks like this:

But what Elseworld Jokers would fans like to see in order for a true transformation? Let's take a look at the top 3 Elseworld Jokers that totally deserve their own movies!

3. The Jokester: Earth 3

The Jokester from Earth-3, otherwise known as the 'Universe of the Crime Syndicate', is actually a hero. The Crime Syndicate of America is a dark, twisted, villainous version of the Justice League of America, lead by Ultraman, Superwoman, and Owlman.

Once upon a time. The Jokester worked in a club as a comedian, and was married to Evelyn Dent, otherwise known as "Three-face". Once Three-Face started developing her more villainous personalities, the Jokester left her, but then Owlman killed Jokester's boss. Now, the Jokester seeks to fowl any and all of Owlman's schemes, and to fight against the Crime Syndicate of America as a hero.

The Jokester definitely deserves his own time on the big screen because of his tragic past, and because there's so much enjoyment and fan service to be gained from doing Elseworld movies, especially with the Crime Syndicate of America, who show up as a world threat to the Justice League down the line in the main continuity. Setting the stage for CSA through a Jokester movie would be totally canon within what Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is setting up.

2: Bianca Steeplechase: Earth 37

Bianca Steeplechase is the definition of badass. In the Thrillkiller universe (Earth-37), Bianca Steeplechase is a ruthless gangster with a knack for poisons and singing broadway.

In this universe, Barbara Gordon is Batwoman, and Richard Grayson is Robin, her sidekick. During a stint with Bianca Steeplechase, the Joker kills Robin with a deadly kiss, and frames Bruce Wayne, who is a cop in this universe, for the murder of Selina Kyle (who is an informant for Bruce).

Due to this, Bruce Wayne becomes Barbara's new sidekick, and the two are on the hunt for Bianca Steeplechase. However, she eventually faked her own death and wormed her way in to become the wife of the mayor.

Now, Earth-37 is never really mentioned in DC canon, but the story begs to be made into a blockbuster. It's got all the elements of an old-school crime thriller, and the death of a mainstay character in the canon universe, along with a beautifully characterized and realized Joker. This would make for such an amazing movie! Elements of Tim Burton's Batman and gangster flicks could create renewed interest for old fans of the Batman movies, and new movie-goers could be exposed to homages to a huge part of cinematic history.

1. Martha Wayne: Flashpoint

Flashpoint is the result of a Universe where Barry Allen's mother doesn't die, and due to this rift in time that was created by The Flash, history became rewritten. In a cruel twist of fate, on that fateful night after watching a rousing action flick, the Waynes walk down Crime Alley, hand-in-hand. A gun man appears, smirk on his face, hands motioning for the mother's pearls and the father's watch.

The gun goes off. The young son falls back, eyes bewildered - and Bruce Wayne is killed. From this moment on, Thomas Wayne became the Batman, and his wife, Martha Wayne, traumatized by her beloved son's death, slices her mouth open and becomes the Joker.

Now, not only has Flashpoint been made into a feature DC animated film, but Martha Wayne and Thomas Wayne of the Flashpoint Universe have received their own one-shot comic book title under the Flashpoint line. If the story were simply adapted to film as is, the story and themes that follow with such a tragic subversion would make for a cinematographic landmark for DC.

Simply having the Joker as a true foil to Batman, as his former wife, and having the death of their son being the symmetrical catalyst for their simultaneous decent into madness, is too great of a juxtaposed theme to pass up.

And there you have it, the top 3 Jokers that should have their own films! If you think there's another Joker that should have made the list, or disagree with one of my choices, let me know in the comments section below!

Suicide Squad can be seen in theaters from 5th August, 2016. Check out the trailer below!


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