ByArchAngel Lugubrious Lugo, writer at
ArchAngel Lugubrious Lugo

First off there was a struggle for the lightsaber. Han grabbed it and tried to snatch it out of his hand which may have triggered Kylo to ignite the lightsaber. Yes that may have given Kylo the strength to ignite the lightsaber and kill his father. Only because he made it seem like he was trying to treat him like a child by taking his toy away from him. For example he called him by his childhood name BEN with emphasis and demanding he take off his mask as if he were still the young boy his father used to order around. Thus igniting just enough momental hatred for him to complete his task. That's why he said thank you. As for SNOKE he is just a tool for the true Sith Lord behind the scenes. Snoke is not even a Sith. Kylo is almost done being trained yet he got an embarrassing defeat from an untrained padawan. Now he is going to complete his training?? No I think not. I don't want to spoil episode 8 but I have foreseen an unlikely and unexpected Sith already in the works to take SnOKEs place as kylos Master. That is all I'm saying......


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