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In her recent cover for Bazaar magazine, despite dressing up as a smokin' hot Hades from Hercules, Drew Barrymore admits that she's not quite the 'firestarter' she used to be:

These days, the actress who has always been very outspoken about her roller coaster experience growing up in one of the industry's most famous families, is able to look back on her life with a new, unique perspective.

And one thing that the 40-year-old decided to speak about is how difficult it is to stay at the top of your game in the entertainment world. In particular, she touches on the struggle to remain 'hot' in Hollywood — and Drew doesn't mean being physically attractive. Instead, she claims:

“Hot is a state of mind. It’s an energy. You’re hot when you’re motivated … hot isn't about being on the A-list or having a hot body. It's literally people who are on fire.”

So who is 'hot' in her opinion right now? Well, apparently celebrities such as Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and Louis C. K. Interestingly, she doesn't believe that she, herself, falls into that category anymore — to her, that frame of mind is simply no longer sustainable:

"I don't think I'm hot right now necessarily, because I have all my irons in a bunch of different fires. I'm writing. I'm doing makeup. I'm doing design. I'm expanding [my company] Flower into different categories. I think it's a huge mistake to think you have to burn bright for your whole life."

She adds:

"You cannot sustain it. It's exhausting, and it's not very realistic.”

Her own 'heat' has been at different levels throughout her whole life. She explains:

“E.T. was a really exciting time; when I was doing The Wedding Singer and starting Flower Films; making Never Been Kissed and Charlie's Angels; when I directed Whip It and did Grey Gardens in the same year. Those were times when I really pushed myself and I didn't care about my sleep, my health. I didn't have relationships or children that would be a priority over my work."

These days though, her priorities are different and she has for a different kind of balance in her life — not only is Drew married to actor Will Kopelman, but she also has two beautiful daughters, 3-year-old Olive and 21-month-old Frankie. That's not to mention her dedication to her business! Outlining her day-to-day, she reveals:

"One [day] is … wake up, breakfast, activities, naps, activities, bath and bed. Same as every parent — trying to make life fun for them, exhaust them, love them, feed them, be affectionate, be silly and just be present. And drink a lot of caffeine. Another day could be in a lab or on a plane for a two-day jaunt on a business trip. … My days are rarely mixed together. I probably subconsciously do that so I can maximize my time with my kids."

Does Drew inspire you?


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