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Whether you tend to boycott the most sugar-coated of hallmark holidays or dive fully into the Valentine's Day spirit, it's likely that either way you'll be spending the evening curled upon the sofa, snacks in hard and a selection of Netflix goodies before you.

However, have you ever considered that what you knuckle down to watch actually says a considerable amount about your love life?

With less than 10 days until cupid emerges from behind his candy cloud, the popular streaming site has released a study which details the effects couples (and, by proxy, singles) believe their viewing habits have on their relationships.

Via direct questions aimed at Netflix users, it appeared 25% believe that comedy is the "top genre that potential romantic interest’s find attractive on an online dating profile," indicating that that those of us not wanting to spend the big V day alone should whack Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Office onto our Tinder profiles.

House of Cards and Breaking Bad are also big contenders in the non-comedy section for bagging a bae.

Good to know.

So, once you're in a relationship, how do you cope with the battle for viewing control?

Prepare for lengthy discussions, obviously. 65% agree that selection takes an engaged negotiation, whereas 35% use trade-off tactics ('you picked last night!' kind of thing) to pick their program. Unsurprisingly, compromise in streaming seems to lead to happy, blissful relationship, with shared passwords being the ultimate goal. That said, 17% need a ring before they'll make such a grand commitment.

So it would seem that whether you're hankering down for a late night stream with your new beau, long term love, or single self, what you pick to watch seems to be pretty important.

To aid you in your quest for Valentine's viewing pleasure, here are some suggestions:

1. 'Sightseers' (2013)

For dark, hilarious relationship goals.

2. 'Turner & Hooch' (1989)

For the most important love story of all time.

3. 'American Psycho' (2000)

For knowing that sometimes it's better to be alone

What will you Netflix and chill to this Valentine's Day?

Source: Daily Dot, Complex


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