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Ryan Reynolds didn't hesitate to wriggle into character to tell the Chinese censors who banned Deadpool exactly what he thinks of their decision, and, predictably, it's not all delicate blossoms, rainbows and forgiveness.

In an interview with Digital Spy magazine, Reynolds was asked his humble opinion on China banning the much-anticipated Marvel movie for its violence, nudity and graphic language and he didn't mince his words. Answering the question in Deadpool's distinctive voice, Reynolds replied:

"In a world divided by fear, one man must stand alone... Deadpool... Rated 'fuck you you'll never see this.'"

Reynolds on the Deadpool ban
Reynolds on the Deadpool ban

Although the Merc with the Mouth might have had some harsh words for China, Reynolds himself seemed pretty gutted for the people of China that they won't be able to bathe in the blood bath of absurdity. He told interviewers that:

It's easy for me to wear that like a badge of honor like 'we got banned in China' but honestly I hate that. I love China and I would like the people of China to see Deadpool."

Check out the full video of Reynolds talking the banned/censored controversy below:

Do you think that 'Deadpool' will be violent enough to warrant a ban?

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