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If you've ever imagined Yoda tottering around in a sexy pin up, you probably need psychiatric help, but I'm not the kind to judge and luckily for you an ultra talented artist has given you exactly what you want!

Andrew Tarusov is an illustrator based in Los Angeles and his awesome Star Wars pin up fan art is definitely worth a look, whether your more into genderbent gals or more traditional lingerie clad lovelies. Check out his awesome portfolio below:

Boba Fett

Looks like Boba Fett got a bum jetpack...

Darth Maul

Is that a lightsaber or are you just pleased to see me?

Darth Vader

Admit it, you wouldn't mind a look at her Dark Side.


This Stormtrooper looks more ready for the burlesque club than the battlefield with that exposed chest plate.



But if you like more traditionally gendered characters, there are few below...


Padme wasn't too keen on Jar Jar either...


Leia is looking weirdly happy for someone who has been forcibly taken prisoner as a slug slave. Is Slugholm Syndrome a thing?


The pulse awakens.

Check out more of Andrew Tarusov's work HERE.

(Source: Daily Dot)


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