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(Warning: The following contains mild, concept-art based theoretical SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War. Proceed with whatever level of mild, theoretical caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, if there's one thing that cinematic concept art can't do, it's adequately replicate the experience of actually watching the movie it helped to inspire - it is, after all, by definition no more than the conceptual basis on which an actual finished product can be built. Fortunately, though, that built-in limitation doesn't stop the inspirational-artwork from doing two key things - being awesome, and giving us an idea of what to expect from the eventual movie.

With that in mind, then, let's take a look at...

All of 'Captain America: Civil War's Official Concept Art (and What it Tells Us About the Movie)

First up is that already gently internet-iconic image of Cap and Iron Man attempting to punch one another, which tells us that...the two of them are going to attempt to punch one another in the movie? Now, sure, that might not seem all that impressive in the aftermath of a whole lot of trailers showing us just that...

...but when that concept art first came out? It was awesome.

Next up?

Tony and Cap Disagree About Things in a Glass Room

The potential implications of this seem fairly self-explanatory.


The Black Panther is Panther-Like

And while, sure, his final costume design seems to have ended up going in a slightly different direction, it sure is nice to know that BP is going to have a genuine role in the movie...


The Teams Assemble

And boy howdy, does the fact that Black Widow is on Iron Man's throw the cat amongst the proverbial pigeons. Or, I suppose, throws a black panther, but have you ever tried hurling one of those at someone? They're super-heavy, and they usually try to maul you.

Which, in fact, is something Cap and his gang are likely to have to worry about in just a few short months.

And Hawkeye is not going to be thrilled about that.

Worth noting? Scarlet Witch isn't in either team's concept art. Make of that what you will. That being said...

Scarlet Witch is Definitely Going to Be Part of the Action

As this epic fight scene shows. Also, for Ant-Man's sake, I'm kind of hoping that him going up against Black Widow is purely speculative. You kind of get the feeling Natasha could beat the snot out of him with one arm tied behind her back (sorry Falcon).


Black Panther and Black Widow are Both Awesome

Which, admittedly, we already knew would be the case.

Hawkeye and Ant-Man are the Team-Up Duo We Need

Which, according to that bow and arrow, is demonstrably true.

Ant-Man and the Falcon Can Both Still Fly

Albeit in strikingly different fashions. This too is not overly 'news', but remains awesome.

And, of course...

Black Panther v Captain America Remains the Coolest

Barring Cap v Iron Man, of course. Once again, the trailer rather gave away the fact that this particular confrontation is going to happen - but the anticipation remains intense.

What do you reckon, though?


What are you most looking forward to seeing in Civil War?


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