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We're all pretty much accustomed to the concept of wizarding money in the Harry Potter series, but have you ever wondered how this transfers into our real, human world?

Well, thankfully Redditor aubieismyhomie has been investigating what all those bronze knuts, silver sickles, and gold galleons actually mean in our world currency. Looking back over seven of J.K. Rowling's novels, the Potterhead recalled the part when Hagrid explains the exchange rates to Harry — they go something like this:

17 sickles = 1 galleon
29 knuts = 1 sickle
493 knuts = 1 galleon

But how much are these compared to Muggle money? Well, considering many of the magical objects floating around the wizarding world don't transfer into our world (we simply don't have any use for them!), aubieismyhomie turned to the few products that do appear in both universes. Here's an example of what the characters were documented buying:

  • Harry's candy on his first journey on the Hogwarts express: 11 sickles and 7 knuts
  • The ride on Knight Bus: 11 sickles
  • A hot chocolate: 2 sickles
  • A water bottle and toothbrush: 2 sickles
  • S.P.E.W. membership: 2 sickles
  • Three butterbeers in The Hog's Head: 6 sickles
  • Advanced Potion Making book: 9 galleons

Looking at this, the Redditor worked out some approximate values in the real world, coming roughly to this exchange rate:

Galleon = $25
Sickles = $1.50
Knuts = $0.05

So with this in mind, let's translate some products on sale in the wizarding world and see how they compare for us Muggles:

1. A butterbeer from the Hog's Head would cost $3

2. All that candy would have cost around $18

3. At 7 galleons, wands were cheap so Harry probably paid $175 for one

4. When the Weasleys emptied their vault in 'Chamber of Secrets,' they only had about $50 and $75

5. Harry spent around $750 to buy himself, Ron, and Hermione Omnioculars for the World Cup

6. Dobby's salary only earned him about $25 a week

7. The Ministry of Magic was willing to pay around $2.5 million for Harry's capture

Pretty cool, huh? Find out more approximate prices here.

Do you agree with these estimates?


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