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We are not in knitting Class! This is Hard Core Wrestling. You have to try a lot harder than this!”

My name is Carolin Von Petzholdt. Writer and director of this new movie THE BOOM BOOM GIRLS OF WRESTLING. I'm a from Germany. Right now I'm living and working in Hollywood, making Independent feature films.

Why Wrestling?

I myself was a wrestler in Los Angeles and I know all to well about the hardships of these women wrestlers . Some of you might remember GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). Glow was a professional wrestling promotion for women, begun in 1986 that pioneer the first female wrestlers in history. I got cast to became a female wrestling in 2012 with a group of wrestlers called WOW (Woman of Wrestling), the same sleazy producer that started GLOW cast me in WOW. After 3 months of hard training in the gym, I got the flu for 3 Days. WOW went to Las Vegas without and I end up making the The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling.

Check out my new movie!

The trailer promises a ton of silly fun, with more meaningful messages hidden beneath the gore.

Everyone is always in the mood for a new horror, so here it is! HOT CHICKS AND HORROR!


The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling - WOMEN DIRECT Horror/Thriller


In The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling, six female athletic actresses get cast as superheroes on a wrestling show. The girls are pretty much willing to do anything to become rich and famous, so why not wrestling? After completing training, and dealing with their sexist casting coach and sleazy producer, the fresh wrestlers board their bus for their very first fight in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, after the driver takes a back road shortcut, they get lost and the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The only shelter they can find nearby is the a ghost town, where a feathery evil lurks….

A group of female wrestlers being killed off by a slasher dressed in a blue lycra suit and a rubber chicken head has potential written all over it!

The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling

The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling
The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling


We made this movie with a ultra low micro budget. Ursel Walldorf was producer and I am the Writer, Director, Editor and Actress. We wanted to make a movie that is different, fun and original, creepy, funny, exciting and scary. We pretty much archive all of them and more.

We show the first female solo slasher in film history.

  • We combine sports drama and Thriller with WWE elements.
  • 75% of our crew & cast are female.
  • The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling

The Boom Boom Girls Of Wrestling has potential, Inspired by true events.

Not only is the title Interesting, but also the whole movie. It's a lot of fun and very good written. The group of actresses who train to be wrestlers as part of some kind of reality show. However, on their way to their first event in Las Vegas their bus breaks down and they are stranded in a ghost town where a mysterious slasher (dressed as chicken, because, why not?) picks them off one by one. The acting is fantastic, Andrew Hamrick plays the sleazy producer /manager Richard Black is one of the best Actors you will see. Also, Melissa R. Stubbs, Crystal Santos and Danielle Replogle are fun to watch.

Conclusion - Distribution

We are currently still in need of a good and legit distributor, who will bring this movie into the theaters. Indie Filmmakers Often Get Stiffed By Distributors who don't have the best interests in mind. Many Indie filmmakers signed a 50/50 distribution deal, minus expenses, but the “expenses” (over 65K) never seem to add up and distributors would not provide reports explaining those costs. The desire to get a film made and released is very hard work. And the Filmmakers should not be treated unfairly and they should at least get paid something. We got offers from Distributors, but they were unfavorable towards the filmmakers. Further release dates are unknown as of yet!

Thank you very much for watching and reading! We would like to hear from you. Would you want to see a full-length feature film of The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling in a Theater near you?

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