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Actors and actresses who play transgender characters often get recognition during award season. In fact, on this list, two have won an Oscar and three others have been nominated.

This could be a result of the mixture of the emotional complexity it takes to understand the role, as well as the striking physical transformation that is required. That's not to mention the quality of acting on display.

Have a scroll through and check out six of the finest portrayals of transgender characters below:

1. Eddie Redmayne - 'The Danish Girl' (2015)

The film is based upon the real life story of Lili Elbe. Elbe, who was born male, was one of the first to ever undergo gender reassignment surgery in the mid 1920s, receiving surgery to become female.

Hot off the back of winning the Best Actor Oscar for his immersive role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, Redmayne is again in award season running for this role.

2. Hilary Swank - 'Boys Don't Cry' (1999)

As mesmerising as it is brutally tragic, Boys Don't Cry is a poignant love story based upon a real events.

Hilary Swank is outstanding as the lead character, Brandon, a young transgender male who finds himself at the receiving end of a savage and incomprehensible hate crime due to his gender identity.

Deservingly, Swank won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal.

3. Jared Leto - 'Dallas Buyers Club' (2013)

Leto, who has a reputation for method acting, is rumored to have stayed in character during his performance as HIV positive, transgender woman Raynon in Dallas Buyers Club.

To prepare for the role, Leto lost 30 pounds, waxed his entire body and shaved his eyebrows. The dedication paid off — he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, alongside co-star Matthew McConaughey, who won the Best Actor gong.

4. Felicity Huffman - 'Transamerica' (2005)

Huffman is best known for her role in Desperate Housewives, but it was her performance in Transamerica that really highlighted her outstanding acting ability.

The film depicts the story of Sabrina "Bree" Osbourne, a transgender female who embarks on a road-trip of a lifetime with her estranged son.

For her efforts, Huffman received an Oscar nomination at the 2006 ceremony.

5. Jeffrey Tambor - 'Transparent' (2014)

Although the basis is comedy, Tambor's performance as a transgender woman is not taken lightly. The Arrested Development star won a Golden Globe for his performance as 70-year-old Maura Pfefferman.

Talking about the challenging role, Tambor said:

“I’d say that, without a doubt, this is the most transformative role that I have ever done.”

6. Glenn Close - 'Albert Nobbs' (2011)

Close portrays the titular character Nobbs, a woman who lives life as a man in 19th-century Ireland.

Although the film itself received mixed reviews, Close received recognition for her role, receiving an Oscar nomination.

Co-star Janet McTeer also received a nomination for her portrayal of Hubert Page, another character who was a woman living life as a man.

Do you have any more to add to the list?

Source: Fame Focus


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