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Now, the word 'epic' gets thrown around a lot these days, with everything from an especially proficient playthrough of a video game to unusually enjoyable nachos being labelled 'epic', despite the word's explicit roots in a particular form of ancient poetry. Epic is, however, usually considered to possess an additional definition - Merriam-Webster opts for "extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope" - and using that meaning, a whole lot of playthroughs, nachos and whatever else really do become 'epic'.

Which is handy, really, since no other phrase comes to mind when it comes to the alternative, independent artist-made takes on Star Wars that are to be found just below than...

These Alternative Takes on 'Star Wars' are Epic

Which is perhaps not all that surprising seeing as they're the (Kotaku-curated) result of a CG+ competition to find the best alternative takes on our favorite galaxy far, far away the internet has to offer. Which, with the internet being filled with ridiculously talented (and often professional) artists and all, most of whom seem to be avid Star Wars fans, resulted in a whole lot of awesome.

Here are some of the greatest entries, starting with:

C-3PO Gets Adventurous

All thanks to Carlos Villa.


Han and Chewie Go Off the Grid

Courtesy of Pirkka Harvala.

Next up?

Darth Vader and Boba Fett Hit the Wild West

With Marcelo Laborda not only switching the setting to the old west, but also making everyone's favorite Imperial Skywalker into an outlaw...


Luke and Pals Go All 'Blade Runner' On Us

Thanks to Jeronimo Gomez.

Meanwhile, in Feudal Japan...

The Jedi Take an Incredible Stylistic Turn

With Jake Rowlands on hand to capture it.

Next up...

The Villains Get Distinctively Re-imagined

Thanks to Nicolas Gekko.

In fact...

Darth Vader Was a Popular (and Inspired) Choice

Riyahd Cassiem doing the honors this time around.


Stormtroopers Were Also in Line For Some Alteration

With Stepan Alekseev conjuring a more blocky take on the 'troopers.

And, of course...

A Very Different Kind of Trooper Altogether

Andrei Pervukhin being the artist behind those haunting masks.

Finally, then? Who else but...

Boba Fett, Even More Awesome Than Usual

Which arrives care of Gregory Vlasenko - and which gets pride of place by virtue of those Easter eggs in Fett's bag...

The main takeaway from all of that, then? Star Wars is (theoretically at least) awesome no matter what you do with it - especially when it's in the hands of a whole bunch of talented artists...

What do you reckon, though?


Would you have preferred to see an alternate version of Star Wars hit the big screen?

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