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A hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman who plays with the law, and whose life on the edge is constantly in balance as she also happens to be a judge in the Criminal Court system.

Bad Judge.
Bad Judge.

I knew about this series when it was airing on TV during the 2014/2015 season but for some reason I never got around to watching any of it.

The reason I got interested in this show was for Kate Walsh. I had seen her in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice but it was hearing her interviews and even on the Nerdist podcast and hearing how funny she was that got me interested in watching this.

I then heard this show got cancelled and then I just let it slide in lieu of the long list of things I want to watch but I just saw the name again recently and decide to give it ago.

Now I’m just pissed!

This show is bloody awesome!

The laughs were definitely there, from Kate Walsh and the rest of the equally awesome cast (Tone Bell, John Ducey, Ryan Hansen, Miguel Sandoval and Amy Rhodes). The cast would probably have to be one of the things I liked most about this show; how much chemistry they had and how they all worked well together and in different duos and groups throughout the series.

As much as I liked it… it probably wouldn’t be something I go back and watch again but I most definitely would have watched a second season!

It’s well written, it’s funny, there’s character growth (and not so much that it’s a different character by the end) and it’s just something laidback and enjoyable to watch.

CHAPPY THINKS that the only bad thing about this show was this it was cancelled!


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