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deaf Transgender girl. Real Life version of Korra, virtual cosplayer and big time gamer. Creator of uBSN, Saturn News and many more.
Cassandra Saturn

i thought, why not write about myself? hopefully, this will give you chance to know me.

i really don't know what to add, say, write, type. but i'll go along as i type. of course, my friends also says that i'm better than Caitlyn Jenner because she doesn't know what's it like for transgender people out here that go through in daily life. just because she's rich and all, it doesn't mean a thing for trans community. and the fact that friends also say i'm real human being who connect to real people out here. hence "real person" to others who interact with me. way before Caitlyn Jenner became a fad to that part of Trans Community and Community. let me tell you, Caitlyn Jenner has divided the Trans Community. i'm here to help them get back together and work together to make the Trans voice heard.

i must caution you that this Article will be nearly NSFW.

Cassandra Saturn in 2008
Cassandra Saturn in 2008
well, back in 2008.. i realized that i was female in body of male. and i had been unaware that i was acting very ladylike when i was home alone. i hid this secret from my family for six years, until finally i came out to them in 2013.

well, things had taken a turn for worse. i was assaulted, nearly murdered by a member of my family. i have never experienced pure hate towards me but that's how i felt it from that person. if i hadn't defended myself, i would have died for sure. i survived thanks to my stubbornness and being strong.

i had a hole between my left side of my mouth that connected to inside from that assault. it is horrible and terrible sight, but it healed after three years.

as terrible it was, i became strong for my future life i wanted after spending three years of healing. i refused to let fear and pain stop me from being who i am. i wouldn't let them. i would endure it, let it be rocks or sticks, flesh damage or other. it will not stop me from becoming the person i am truly.

i would go into college, transition and become a woman fully at last all while in college. i will experience the life of everything that girls go through. i know that i have been out of girl life for long time since i was young. how did i realized that i was female? the answer for me is simple.

it lies in the pattern of your life. you were unaware at first, but you eventually realize it. everyone has that unique pattern. as like i have said, everyone is unique, it defines them and who they are. my pattern was from my time in usual way that girls normally act.

i slept on right side, sat with right leg crossed over other. i giggle and blush every time i look at boy. (girls too)
most damning evidence that made me realize for real was on the day i first fell in love with a childhood friend.. only to find out he had died in the car crash. it took me two years to realize that all these feelings which were confusing for me, was actually Love. i was gonna go tell him that i love him that day, but he died before i could tell him. but at least he finally knows.

he was right about me, that i am a woman.. hidden under the layer of a male. i'd know that he would want me to continue and find love.. that Life has more meaning to you as long you are alive and keep on living that life of yours. it was the year of 2013 that i realized i was a woman.

i plan to complete my college and graduate, have job. but most important to me is that i get to cosplay. i always wanted to cosplay one of female characters from games and movies. since my friends does say i look like Korra respectfully.. so i would start out first as Korra. i'm gonna be Korra Cosplayer.

Korra smiles at idea of Cassandra cosplaying as her
Korra smiles at idea of Cassandra cosplaying as her

here are so many things that i want to do in this world while i have time. my goals would be: end hunger, poverty, homeless and donate to charities that helps kids and people get better. even those that might find a cure for us should we experience problems in our lives. build an advanced medical care for people that might have injuries and dieases, more.

i want to help make our world a better place for our kids and us, no matter what gender, region, race and beliefs are. united we stand, we make our Humanity's role in world important. we are strong human race that can face adversity. for that we are simply... Human.

i hope my actions will inspire others to do same for anyone who made our lives better through a simple act of random kindness. i would help make trans Communities better by giving them a voice that can be heard, help bridge the voices of Deaf, Trans and Hearing Communities to work together to make lives better for everyone. i don't want to see anyone, including transgender person get outspoken or shut out even silenced.

i always have hoped that the human race can overcome the barriers that exists in our lives, from language to care of our people.

here is so much unrest in our world, we are fighting over many things.. even silly and smallest of things. we need to work together. or.. we wouldn't be here today if we did not. we were once brutal, savage race. we are slowly devolving back to that era with weapons again, only it's modern weapons this time. we must change to be better than that.

shocked by loss of life
shocked by loss of life

i was very shocked by loss of lives in last few years, much more.. even with what happened during the 9/11. why ain't we doing something to prevent more lives lost? we are not working hard enough because we always bick around in the rooms while our warriors from all around world go off to fight and might die, never to return home to a family. we are not giving enough credit to our fighters, they shouldn't be getting killed over pointless things like land, oil and more. i love our veterans, current warriors. but they might have family, so it's not right for a family to lose one member.. might it be a mother, sister, daughter, father, brother, son or even a cousin. i understand that Freedom is important, but Family is more important than Freedom.

just one thing to remember... you must remember and cherish the time with your family.. because you never know that they will be gone forever. all you can do is smile while remembering these times. i know i did. never forget that.

thanks for reading. if you have any questions, please leave them in comments. i will answer your questions soon as possible. ~ Cassandra Saturn


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