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Gravity Falls has really pulled out all the stops with Weirdmageddon, the multi-episode grand finale which the entire show has been building towards for a long time. We've just got the 1 hour final episode to go, and as we draw closer to that big event, Disney has released teaser trailers for fans to dissect. Though of course, there are plenty of clues left to find in the episodes running up to the finale.

In Weirdmageddon I, Ford dropped the hint that he knows Bill's fatal weakness, setting up a Chekov's gun that the heroes have to find. But, as Alex Hirsch hints, it's possible they had the power to defeat him all along...

Bill's Fatal Mistake

In an interview with TV Insider, Alex Hirsch talked about the latest episode and dropped some serious plot hints for what we can expect to see for the rest of season 2. Crucially, he discussed why Bill destroyed the journals, a moment which was definitely a turning point for Dipper and the show.

Dipper's journals get destroyed.
Dipper's journals get destroyed.

The journals have a huge significance both to Dipper and the audience, as the entire show's plot revolves around them. The devastating effect burning the journals has on Dipper was exactly what Bill intended...

"Bill is trying to lay Dipper as low as possible. He sees Dipper as a very tiny pawn on a very big chessboard. Ford is the King and he’s already captured him. So Dipper means nothing to Bill at this point and Bill wants to really, really break Dipper’s spirit. It’s more fun for Bill to toy with his victims than to outright destroy them. So for him, nothing could be crueler and more dissembling of Dipper’s sense of hope than the journals burned at Dipper’s feet."

But as fun as this must have been for Bill (what a jerk, right?), by burning the journals and trapping Stanford, Bill accidentally set up his own defeat. Why? Because Dipper was then free to join forces with Wendy and save Mabel - a plan which Ford didn't want to go ahead with.

Mission: make up, team up, save the universe.
Mission: make up, team up, save the universe.

And yet, as the new promo trailer reveals, Dipper and Mabel together are the unstoppable force which will lead to Bill's defeat!

"We're Canceling The Weirdpocalypse!"

The next episode, Take Back The Falls will follow a revolution of sorts, as Dipper and Mabel inspire the surviving townsfolk to fight back against Bill.

In the teaser, we see Dipper and Mabel holding hands to give a speech which rouses the survivors. It's clear that the Mystery Twins are far more powerful than Bill gave them credit for. By underestimating both Dipper and Mabel, he has unwillingly handed them the key to his own defeat! Had Bill frozen Dipper, instead of just burning the journals, he probably would have been free to wreck havoc on our world.

Of course, there's a lot more going on in Take Back The Falls. The other promo trailer shows Stanford finally getting free from Bill's trap, and it looks like the two of them are about to go head-to-head in an epic final battle.

Ford's going up in the uh... galaxy.
Ford's going up in the uh... galaxy.

Then of course there's the "fatal flaw" which Stanford mentioned in the first Weirdmageddon episode, and the hint that Ford and Dipper had to go "to the ends of the Earth". A lot of these plot hints still have no solutions, and it'll be exciting to find out exactly what's going on. But for all that we don't know, there's one thing that's certain: once they team up, Dipper and Mabel definitely have the power to save the universe.


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