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Ubisoft have just revealed the best live action trailer you have probably ever seen. In all my years of writing and playing games, today's offering from Far Cry Primal is the best I've seen in terms of live action epic.

The video is an action packed continuous monologue of time, it follows the path of one inevitably savage soldier. The awesome twist however, is that the sequence is played in reverse. The soldier shoots, swings and stabs his way backwards in time through five separate eras of history.

We start off inside a military carrier looking down onto a squadron of ultra high-tech soldiers. The doors drop and the soldiers emerge, our soldier opens fire through the smoke and using some pretty sophisticated gear (a nod towards Ubi's Division I would say) identifies a safe area to dive into.

As the soldier dives into cover he unexpectedly reemerges onto the beaches of Normandy. The soldier, confused - dives into cover. Takes stock of his surrounding and pushes forward. The sounds of bullets and shrapnel hitting the old tin helmet here blew my sock off.

Then an explosion - the soldier, still running, is then seen to be holding a musket instead and is charging down an opposing cavalry charge, some hundred or more years further into the past. He raises his rifle to take a shot when he is hit in the shoulder.

The shot thuds into his body and he stumbles back. But all is not as it seems once more - the soldier stumbling back from the gunshot wound and steps back into the midst of a savage medieval battle.

With fire from burning arrows devouring the world around him, he continues to run forward. He is however, temporarily blinded by an eruption of burning embers - the soldier stumbles and rubs his eyes, he opens them again only to find that he is now running through a world totally unrecognisable.

He slows and stops - the world is positively Mesolithic, just when you think things can't get much worse, he looks up to find himself face to face with a gigantic sabertooth tiger. He looks down to the hand that has been home to a flurry of weapons over the past two minutes but now all he holds is a small piece of bone.

"Seriously" he utters - the rest I leave for you to enjoy!

What is even more exciting is that the spot is labelled as number one, this may be indicative of more trailers to follow.

Ubisoft have produced a seriously cool video here, the production quality is beyond what I am used to in terms of video game production. I can't wait to see what the second trailer looks like.

Far Cry Primal is due out later this month, February 23rd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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